Project Description

Solar Powered Street Light 35W Solution in Nanyang City


In June 2011, MuDanYaun community which is located in the city of Nanyang constructed its second parks and sports area. In this same month, The Department of Energy introduced compulsory energy-saving rules which became effective in January 2012. The rule of the energy conservation program for general outdoor lighting foretells noticeable energy conservation.

The community Management was able to achieve this Conservative standard by using a proactive strategy.


The Park and Sports area was built to save more than 1183,000RMB yearly at a normal grid power prices and use no electricity at all compared to other normal parks as it uses 152 sets, SUN35(35w) solar street systems alone. This solar street system includes 35w Led lamps, 160w solar panel, 200Ah battery, 6m pole with 12 hours daily working time and 5 days autonomy if the weather is cloudy.

The investment to build the public park around energy efficiency yielded a lot of profits from the local usage, more and more public areas started adopting the solar solution.

Benefits of the Solar Solutions

The solar installation effectively provided enough electricity needed to illuminate the public park and sports area which was built to provide a bright entertainment and sports area for all members of the community to enjoy their evening together.

The solar street light offers more than 10 years maintenance-free time and no grid power electricity consumes a large amount of money since solar & Led Solution come into play.

In addition to energy conservation and cost savings, this solar street light installation also reduces intense blinding lights and light pollution and this conforms to the 2009 lighting regulation approved by the city council.

In 2011, the Nanyang City Council all agreed to make use of the solar & LED solutions to fund efficient new developments including the first phase of the street light replacement. The circulating fund will send energy conservations back into the city’s green and effective developments. Progress Energy, which serves the city of Nanyang provides customers a rate schedule for solar street lights.

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Project Details


February 25th, 2013


Solar Street Light 35W




Nanyang, China

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solar powered street light in nanyang city
solar street light 35W