LED street light in Corato of Italy


LED Street Light 60W


November 2015




Corato, Italy

LED street light in Corato of Italy

Residential areas
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LED street lamps are the future of outside lighting across the world. Since LED lights being cheaper than ever before, more places should consider the change. Besides the reduced price, they have many benefits. If the City of Corato, and others, decide to change their lights, they will see all the advantages that they offer.

The biggest advantage for LED street lamps is helping to protect the environment. LED lamps take less energy to power, and save more money on electricity. According to a calculation, 60% of electricity is saved. If LED lamps are installed everywhere in Corato, the municipality would save a lot of energy, which will help the environment.

Another benefit of LED street lamps is how long they last. The lifetime of the average LED lamp is well over 10 years, which is more than 3 time the lifetime of current streetlights. This means lower maintenance costs for street lamps in the city.

LED street lights in Corato

Bright lights at low temperatures and reduced glare and light pollution are a few other reasons why places should switch from conventional light sources to LED ones. During winter, LED lights are better at lighting up streets, and, since the lights are pointed down, LED lights do not shine in people’s eyes. Standard light sources have these problems, and much more, unlike the LED alternative.

For example, our partner won the bid to supply LED street lights to illuminate the entire perimeter of a property for an elderly home. The property has about 600 residents, and the project was to create exterior lighting so the elderly can stroll along the illuminated sidewalks around the property.

The LED street lamp used was around 8 meters in height, with the power of 60 watts. After the project was completed, the residents and people who were living around the area were very pleased with the installation and the results. The beautiful lights make their lives more convenient, especially in the night.

LED street lights installation in Italy
LED street lights installation in Italy

By leading the way with LED technology and its benefits, the city of Corato is setting new standards for other municipalities to follow. Not only is this change good for the city government, it is good for the people. By having low-cost, low-maintenance LED lights, we are saving money while producing great, quality lights on our streets. They also last longer while helping the environment.

With all of the advantages of LED street lights, more governments and more people should consider making the switch.

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