Lightgogo 1

Smart LED street lights

60, 120, 150, 200 Watts


5 Years Warranty

Calculated L80>100,000h @ Ta 25°C

Why Lightgogo 1 ?

The Lightgogo1 smart LED street lights, are optimized for customers requiring a motion detectable, programmable, smart dimming, and super high-efficiency solution. Used for roadways and public lighting applications.

ANETHIC’s unique 10-period programmable load power solution, which is based on each period’s control. Moreover, the human microwave sensing functions, are available with sensing delay time settable, under each period’s control.

With its wireless communication of remote controllers, they are allowing for setting, reading parameters and reading status, etc. They are also extensible to IoT remote communication monitoring functions.

Ergonomic and dedicated photometric distributions are designed for various roadway applications. And to optimize application efficiency, minimize glare, and significantly reduce light pollution.

This reliable unit has a 100,000-hour design life, significantly reducing maintenance needs, and expense over the life of the fixture. This efficient solution and its unique programmable, motion sensing, smart dimming, and programmable solution are going to substantially lower energy consumption, and operating costs.

Lighting features

Programmable + Smart dimming + Motion sensor + Delay time settable.

  • Its human microwave motion sensing function makes the lamp sensible and sensing delay time settable.
  • Unique 10-period programmable load power, based on each period’s control.
  • Remote controller’s wireless communication, allowing for setting, reading parameters, reading status, etc.
  • Extensible to IoT remote communication monitoring functions.

180lm/w + Smart dimming + Remote control + IoT extensible.

  • Super high-efficiency up to 180LM/W, more than 15 years of service life.
  • 70 CRI at 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K typical.
  • Ergonomic and dedicated photometric distributions, available for various roadway applications.
  • Photocell optional.

Design features

1. LED module

Super High-efficiency up to 180 lm/w, 15 years lifespan

2. LED driver

10-period programmable smart dimming LED driver

3. Motion sensor

Microwave motion detection sensor

4. Power supply

Constant voltage power supply with surge protection 6 KV and additional separate secondary SPD 10KV

5. Photo sensor

The On/off Photo sensor controls the On and Off of the lamp automatically

6. Back cover

Pure aluminum back cover

7. Lamp bracket

Stainless steel bracket thickness 3 mm to bear the pressure of 100 kgs

8. Lamp frame

Lamp frame with die-cast aluminum body

9. Pole adapter

With Vertical and Horizontal 0-90 degree of adjustment for leveling. Integral die-cast mounting pipe stop. Adjustable for 40-60 mm diameter mounting pipe

10. Front cover

Pure aluminum front cover

Lightgogo1 smart LED street lights, are optimized for customers requiring a motion detectable, programmable, smart dimming, and super high-efficiency solution

Lightgogo 1 family

The Lightgogo 1 family includes 4 models of smart led street lights, from left to right, powers are 200 watts, 150 watts, 120 watts, and 60 watts.


Multiple lighting distributions available to cover most applications
  • Roadway lighting
  • Urban roads
  • Major streets
  • Residential areas
  • Overpasses
  • Public areas lighting
  • Theme parks
  • Squares
  • Parking lots

Product specification

Programming settings by remote controller

10-period power setting table

Key functions of remote controller

Send information…

  1. Determine the working time, from 0 seconds to 60 minutes after motion detection, check it with code no. 2 “S-D-Time”.
  2. Setup the load power according to request, with code no.12 “LED-Cur”.
  3. Design your very personal and professional settings, with each period’s working time, power before and after motion detection, find code no. 14 “Load Pow Set” and press to enter the load parameters setting interface.

Receive parameters and check the working status…

  1. To receive and check the parameters have sent, and make sure things are all right.
  2. Check the load info. such as working current, voltage, and power, etc.
  3. Find out the total working time in the past few days, such as totally sensing hours, total working hours, totally working days etc. That helps to make a better decision for better parameter settings.

To simply test your lamp…

  1. By pressing the “Test” key of the remote controller, to send a test command to the lamp.  
  2. The test powers are 100%, 70%, 50%, and 30% in turn.

Steps to run a remote controller

Step 1:  Press any key to turn on the remote controller device.

Step 2:  Determine all your parameters in main menu.

Step 3:  Enter the load parameters setting interface, to have your full working time and power settings.

Step 4:  Find the “Send” key, then press it to send parameters to the smart LED street light, and it's done.

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