Lightgogo 5 Plus

All-in-one solar garden lights

MPPT high power of 60 Watts


5 Years Warranty

Calculated L80>100,000h @ Ta 25°C

Why Lightgogo 5 Plus ?

The Lightgogo 5 Plus is a new high-power version solar street light, which has been developed and integrated with extra solar panel kits based on the standard Lightgogo 5 solar street light. It has all the advantages of the Lightgogo 5 standard version, but can be made even more powerful, with the full power of 60 watts output on a purely solar basis.

The extra solar panel kits solve the painful problem of low power generation due to the small size of the solar panel on top of the Lightgogo 5. The system now has 122 watts of solar power, ensuring that even in the winter months, when sunlight is weak and short, our system can still operate at full power without any worries.

As the extra solar panel kits are mounted vertically and cover the surface of the pole, there is no additional force on the whole lighting system and the wind resistance of the whole light does not increase significantly. This means that the Lightgogo 5 Plus system can still work safely and reliably in the event of severe storms. This ensures the safe and efficient operation of the city lighting.

The Lightgogo 5 Plus still has all its intelligent features, with built-in motion sensors that receive the internal power status and external environmental changes in real-time, thus managing the lighting and brightness effectively and achieving energy-saving and long-lasting lighting.

Private customization is also available to meet your project requirements, such as adding additional lighting modules to achieve more power, replacing them with a solar and grid hybrid charging system, or expanding them with IoT remote communication and monitoring functions...etc.

Lighting features

  • The Lightgogo 5 Plus is a new, high-power version solar garden light, with an actual luminous output of 180 lumens per watt, the lamp can reach surprising 10800 lumens (60 watts x 180 lm/w = 10800 lumens). The brightness of this light is comparable to a regular standard 100 watts LED street light.
  • With the innovative design of mounting the extra solar panel kits vertically on the pole, the solar panel power can be effectively expanded without increasing the cost, thus fundamentally solving the problem of insufficient power generation. The extra solar panel kits are mounted vertically instead of horizontally, which prevents the lighting system from being blown over by wind.
  • The solar configuration of the entire lighting system to a highly desirable 122 watts, ensure that the system can function very well at full power even in winter months.
  • High standards of design, high quality materials, and high standards of production and manufacturing processes ensure that the whole lamp can be used safely for at least 10 years. It is the first choice for municipal roads with higher requirements and higher standards.
  • Include all smart features such as motion sensing, smart dimming, 10-period programmable load power, and extensible to IoT remote communication monitoring functions.
  • Private customization is available to meet your project requirements.

Design features

1. Lightgogo 5
2. Extra solar kit
Lightgogo 5 Plus solar street light made even more powerful with the extra panel kits, now at 60 watts output on a purely solar basis. No need to pay electric bills anymore and save over 70% of lighting costs.

Lightgogo 5 Plus family

The Lightgogo 5 Plus family includes 1 model  of solar garden light only, extra solar kit with its mppt solution to run high power of 60 watts.


  • Street lighting
  • Road lighting
  • Housing estate
  • Outdoor parking lots
  • Garden
  • Parks
  • Yard

Product specification

Programming settings by remote controller

10-period power setting table

Key functions of remote controller

Send information…

  1. Determine the working time, from 0 seconds to 60 minutes after motion detection, check it with code no. 2 “S-D-Time”.
  2. Setup the load power according to request, with code no.12 “LED-Cur”.
  3. Design your very personal and professional settings, with each period’s working time, power before and after motion detection, find code no. 14 “Load Pow Set” and press to enter the load parameters setting interface.

Receive parameters and check the working status…

  1. To receive and check the parameters have sent, and make sure things are all right.
  2. Check the load info. such as working current, voltage, and power, etc.
  3. Find out the total working time in the past few days, such as totally sensing hours, total working hours, totally working days etc. That helps to make a better decision for better parameter settings.

To simply test your lamp…

  1. By pressing the “Test” key of the remote controller, to send a test command to the lamp.  
  2. The test powers are 100%, 70%, 50%, and 30% in turn.

Steps to run a remote controller

Step 1:  Press any key to turn on the remote controller device.

Step 2:  Determine all your parameters in main menu.

Step 3:  Enter the load parameters setting interface, to have your full working time and power settings.

Step 4:  Find the “Send” key, then press it to send parameters to the smart LED street light, and it's done.

Ordering information

Packaging information