30 watts solar street lights in Lagos of Nigeria


solar street light split type 30 watts


October 2016


246 sets


Lagos, Nigeria

30 watts solar street lights in Lagos of Nigeria

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A potential breakthrough in harnessing sun’s energy: solar LED street lights.

‘Solar LED street lights project’ launched in the largest city of Nigeria, ‘Lagos’ in April of 2016 to supports this concept. The project aims to retrofit the street lights of Lagos with energy-efficient LEDs. Solar energy is a safe and better option for generating electricity to meet the increasing needs. This case report examines the use of solar energy for reducing local power consumption in Lagos.

solar street light split type 35 watts installation in Lagos of Nigeria

Hundreds of Solar LED Street Lights are now sparkling on the streets of Logan, Nigeria. The local government assessed a lot of products from various suppliers. Finally, they selected our “30 watts solar street light split type” for the project. The framework is easier to install compared to the traditional methods.

Installed on 7 m light poles, these solar split lights It does not need to lay outer power links or wires. A 100AH battery is very efficient. It has been set up for advanced charging in accordance with local sunlight hours. This 120 watts solar panel guarantees the advantages of reliability, safety, and energy saving. Solar LED Street Lights have no harmful components. So, it is a favored substitution towards green energy.

The project is a huge success. It has massively enhanced the driving visibility. Other positive impacts: 1. it enhances the quality of municipal street lighting, 2. it helps decrease light pollution, 3. increases street safety, 4. cost-effective, 5. most importantly, promotes sustainable development, Thus, it saves both energy and money.

solar street light split type 35 watts system installation in Nigeria

As a result, this project has greatly reduced the local power consumption. The Nigerian government is implementing several similar projects in other cities also. This process is gaining pace. Nevertheless, many goals and targets yet need to be achieved.

We also conducted a survey from the local residents, would like to share some of the very positive voices we have been received:

“Now there is enough light on the streets for our children to play.”

“Solar LED street lights offer a better driving experience at night.”

“These solar LED street lights have made evening walks much safer.”

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