Lightgogo Kit Installation at the Historic Grimaldi Site in Monaco


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February 2024





Lightgogo Kit Installation at the Historic Grimaldi Site in Monaco

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ANETHIC Solutions proudly announces the successful installation of 185 Lightgogo Kits at the renowned Site historique Grimaldi de Monaco. The implementation of our smart lighting solution signifies a transformative step towards modernization while preserving the historical charm of this iconic old town. This case study highlights the innovative features and benefits of the Lightgogo Kit and its significant impact on the city's infrastructure and energy efficiency.


Project Overview:

The ‘Site historique Grimaldi de Monaco’ is a cherished landmark steeped in history, attracting tourists and locals alike. However, inadequate lighting in the area posed safety concerns and hindered nighttime activities. ANETHIC Solutions collaborated with local authorities to address these issues by deploying 185 Lightgogo Kits, a cutting-edge smart LED lighting solution tailored to enhance visibility and energy efficiency.


Lightgogo Kit Features:

Each Lightgogo Kit comprises essential components designed for optimal performance and versatility:

  • LED Module (60W): Equipped with high-quality LED modules boasting a maximum power of 60W, the Lightgogo Kit delivers superior brightness and illumination, ensuring enhanced visibility throughout the historic streets of Monaco.
  • Meanwell LED Driver (100-240VAC): The inclusion of Meanwell LED drivers ensures reliable and efficient power distribution, guaranteeing consistent lighting output while minimizing energy consumption.
  • Smart LED Controller: An integral component of the Lightgogo Kit, the smart LED controller facilitates dynamic dimming functionality, allowing for seamless adjustment of lighting intensity based on real-time traffic and pedestrian movements.
  • Microwave Sensor: Leveraging advanced motion-sensing technology, the microwave sensor detects the presence of vehicles and pedestrians, triggering adaptive dimming mechanisms to optimize energy usage and promote sustainability.


Implementation and Benefits:

The installation process involved replacing outdated post-top lamps with our state-of-the-art Lightgogo Kits, seamlessly integrating modern lighting solutions into the historic landscape of Monaco. Key benefits realized from this deployment include:

  • Enhanced Safety and Visibility: By providing brighter and more uniform illumination, the Lightgogo Kits have significantly improved safety for pedestrians and motorists navigating the streets of the historic Grimaldi site, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall visibility during nighttime hours.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: The incorporation of smart LED controllers and microwave sensors enables intelligent lighting management, dynamically adjusting brightness levels to match varying traffic conditions and activity levels. This proactive approach to energy management promotes sustainability and reduces operational costs associated with excessive energy consumption.
  • Preservation of Heritage: Despite its modern features, the Lightgogo Kit installation seamlessly blends with the historic ambiance of Monaco's old town, preserving the city's cultural heritage while embracing technological innovation. The discreet design and functionality of the lighting solution complement the architectural charm of the Grimaldi site, enhancing its aesthetic appeal without compromising authenticity.



The successful deployment of 80 Lightgogo Kits at the Site historique Grimaldi de Monaco underscores Anethic Solutions' commitment to delivering innovative lighting solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability. By harnessing the power of smart technology, we have transformed the historic streets of Monaco into vibrant and energy-efficient urban spaces, setting a new standard for intelligent lighting infrastructure. As we continue to expand our footprint globally, we remain dedicated to empowering communities with cutting-edge solutions that enrich lives and inspire progress.

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