30 watts solar street lighting system installation in Qatar


Solar street light 30 watts


January 2016


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30 watts solar street lighting system installation in Qatar

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Have you ever wandered on a dark alley or street because there is no street lights mounted on it? Well, you do not have to worry about it in Qatar, where there are places where they use solar-powered street lights. There are several kinds of them but one particular street light system stands out.

solar street light split type 30 watts in Qatar

A 30W solar street lamp that came with a complete solar street lighting system which includes 150 watts solar panel, 120AH battery, and a 7 meters street light pole. With the low wattage requirement of the lamp, the system allows it to have three (3) days back up. This is far better than other lighting systems where the light usually runs only for a little over one night of use when the sun is not up for a couple of days. The new developed system, however, has a 12-hour period of use with dimming function that automatically saves power.

Qatar is geographically located so that it receives a lot of suns. They actually have long and very humid summers. So, you probably do not have to worry about the sun not coming up in Qatar, but that just make it even better. It only means that the solar panel will always be full of charged and that you do not have to worry about wandering in the dark when the sun sets.

solar street light 30 watts installation in Qatar

Although Qatar is a very high earning country, conserving energy will always be a trend regardless of status. If such country sets the trend, even though they probably have the means to afford very high-end facilities, it is something that other countries would be able to see, appreciate and follow through. It does not hurt to get the same service and quality while conserving energy and helping to save the earth. Take us here as an example, we could definitely use this 30 watts solar street light system here in our place. Oh well, I could even use it in my front yard!

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