Solar street light 35 watts installation in Brazil


solar street light 35 watts


September 2017





Solar street light 35 watts installation in Brazil

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Think about a beautiful place, white sands, the bluest ocean, year-round sunshine, happy people laughing, parties, samba… You know where I am talking about. If you want the lighting products in the evening for such a place, what would the best solution be?

Yes! you may already have the right answer – solar powered street lights!  We just finished the first solar street lighting installations in Brazil.


This seaside living area was designed to use ANETHIC's solar power street light 35 watts split type lighting system, total quantity 380 systems, each system includes the parts of 160W solar panel, 150AH gel battery, LED street lamp 35 watts, 6m pole, and solar charge controller 10A type, wich has been designed with the dimming function to run 8-12 hours per day, and 3 autonomy days for rainy or cloudy days. In this installation, we got 15lux in average on the ground which meets the local standards.

We provide more than 3 years maintenance – free time and the system is zero grid power electricity – a large benefit since solar & LED solution. In addition to energy and cost savings, this solar street lights also reduces glare and light pollution. (Of course we don’t want to take away from your views).


It’s an easy and cheap way of creating power. Grid power requires a huge investment e.g power plants and wiring, however with Solar Powered Road Lighting, we can use renewable energies to light up those areas – at a smaller price than grid power investment.

It offers green energy, especially with the effects of climate change becoming clear everywhere, but the needs for lighting is important to us all. Solar powered street Lighting improves the quality of life and is also more friendly to nature than grid lighting. We are saving nature without damaging anything in the process.

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