60 watts solar street light in Cabrières d'Aigues southeastern of France


Lightgogo 4 Hybrid


November 2021





60 watts solar street light in Cabrières d'Aigues southeastern of France

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Cabrières d'Aigues is a commune in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region which is in the southeastern part of France. A quite beautiful area, famous for its excellent variety of natural environment and warm climate conditions.

Lightgogo 4 hybrid version solar street light installation in southeastern France

Many thanks to our partners for their excellent work and we would like to thank them for introducing the ANETHIC Lightgogo 4 hybrid solar street light to this area and benefiting the local population.

The solar street lights installed in this project are a special hybrid version to connect with the city power network, which was added to the existing solar street light system to allow the mains power to be automatically switched on during winter months when there is a lack of sunlight, ensuring continuous and long term stability of the lighting.

Lightgogo 4 hybrid version in a car parking area

The Lightgogo 4 Hybrid version has a total power of 60watts and uses ultra-high efficiency 5050 chip LEDs, with a minimum output of 180+ lumens and an output of 10,800+ lumens.

Due to the increase in energy prices brought about by the war between Russia and Ukraine, local towns are also accelerating their plans to replace traditional lighting with new solar street lights to alleviate the huge pressure on their electricity bills, with potential demand expected to exceed 20,000 solar street lights in the next few years.

Lightgogo 4 hybrid solar street light installation by main road

The poles used for the project are new cone poles with an upper diameter of 60mm, a lower diameter of 126mm and a height of 6 meters, with an underground foundation of 1 meter. The average width of the road is around 6 meters and the spacing of the luminaires varies from 15 to 25 meters. The road illumination can reach 15 to 20 lux, which perfectly meets the standard requirements of road lighting.