Solar powered gas station in Cameroon


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September 2014


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Solar powered gas station in Cameroon

A gas station that runs on green energy may seem like an oxymoron, but an owner in Betare-Oya of Cameroon has turned to solar power to keep the lights on at his down town petrol station.

Our client owns the petrol station in Betare-Oya of Cameroon, and his station is the first solar-powered petrol station in the state." I think it will bring in more business and people will think I'm environmentally friendly," he says.

solar powered gas station
solar powered gas station

They hired a local company to install more than 80 solar panels on a canopy directly above the customer's gas station, with the batteries and control system placed in a small room enclosed from the station.

The owner says he hopes to pay off her investment in four years, especially given the help he received." With the incentives that are now available and the improvements in technology, it makes it possible for people to get solar power without such a long payback period," he said.

Centralized control box of solar power gas station
centralized control box of solar power gas station