Lightgogo 5 solar powered garden lamp project is shining brightly in the South of France


Lightgogo 5


December 2022


300 sets


Marseille, France

Lightgogo 5 solar powered garden lamp project is shining brightly in the South of France

Major streets
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Still in Marseille, a city in the south of France, the Lightgogo 5 solar powered garden lights designed and produced by ANETHIC light up this beautiful city again, brightening up the historic old town. Marseilles has a history of over a thousand years, and though a long time has passed, it is still very beautiful and attractive. As the sun goes down, the highlight of Marseilles is really coming, with the architectural gems from various historical periods, which are particularly amazing under the colorful lights. The streets and alleyways are full of traffic, and Marseille is becoming more lively and intoxicating because of the arrival of the evening.

Lightgogo 5 solar garden light hybrid solation installation in France

The Lightgogo 5 is a solar powered garden light co-developed by ANETHIC and their local partner in France, which was successfully launched in 2018 and has been produced and sold for thousands of units, installed in major cities in Europe, especially in the southern part of France where more than a thousand sets have been installed in various cities and surrounding town streets.

The Lightgogo 5 has a circular retro design, with three support arms to support its round body part, which includes: a solar panel, LED module, LiFePO4 battery module, controlling system, and housing are their major components. Lightgogo 5 still has a maximum power of 60 watts, and also uses high-brightness LEDs with a luminous efficacy of 180 lumens per watt, so that the overall light flux can reach 10,800 lumens, which is comparable to ordinary 100-watt LED garden light products.

Solar garden light hybrid solution 60 watts

As it is a solar powered garden light, the solar panel is installed at the top of the housing body. ANETHIC's design team achieved an effective tilt by adjusting the height of one support arm placed in the middle, which effectively solves the problem of natural cleaning and effective drainage of the solar panel.

Most of the street lights in Marseille city are classical garden lights, mostly square or round shapes. Lightgogo 5's simple and classical design perfectly meets the needs of municipal road renovation, and most of them are installed at a height of 6 meters, with an installation spacing of 20-30 meters. Thanks to the 70x150 degree large pole distance light distribution lens design, the dark area between the light poles is no longer visible, and both the brightness and uniformity of lighting, have improved significantly.

Solar powered street lamps installed at the factory gate are shining brightly

Marseille, is carrying on with its road lighting renewal program, more and more of the regular lighting installed many years ago will gradually be replaced by solar lighting systems, which do not require grid power, only the sun's rays to provide safe and reliable and green lighting power for the city. Solar energy, being one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources, is revolutionizing the world's energy landscape, and may become the primary energy solution for our daily lives in the near future.