All in one solar street light MPPT solution installation in Abuja of Nigeria


Lightgogo 4 MPPT


November 2021




Abuja, Nigeria

All in one solar street light MPPT solution installation in Abuja of Nigeria

Residential areas
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In Northern Hemisphere, many parts of the world are slowly entering the golden autumn season in November, and the weather is becoming cooler and drier. But Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, also in the Northern Hemisphere, has a tropical savannah climate, with high temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius during the day, but happily, comfortable nights of around 20 degrees.

The warm weather conditions in Abuja all year round provide extremely favorable natural conditions for the development and use of solar energy resources. ANETHIC's solar street lights are being installed more and more often, both on municipal roads and in private residential areas.

Lightgogo 4 solar street lights installed next to the water tower

Today we would like to present a brief case study of an installation in the northern part of Abuja using ANETHIC's Lightgogo 4 solar LED street light, with power of 60 watts and LED color temperature of 5000 K. The installation was carried out in a residential area with a pole height of 8 meters and a spacing of 40 meters.

Each solar street lamp has an integrated 12.8V-36AH long-life LiFePO4 battery pack, which can achieve a minimum of 2000 cycles at 100% full charge and 100% full discharge - approximately 5 years - and 5500 cycles at 50% discharge - approximately 15 years. The LEDs are integrated with 24 Philips 5050 LEDs, with an output power of 60 watts and an impressive luminous efficiency of 180 lumens per watt. For the controller, we have used the highly efficient MPPT control unit, ensuring a sufficient amount of power even in the rainy season when the sun is not shining enough.

Lightgogo 4 all in one solar lights are shinning

Intelligent microwave sensing and automatic dimming of the luminaire are still features of this project. The luminaire can be set to work at full power until dawn, or reduced to save power or to avoid light pollution to the rest of the surroundings, but when a passenger is moving, the luminaire can be instantly brightened to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment because of the intelligent microwave sensing function, all this can be adjusted by the customer based on the final actual needs.

Lightgogo 4 solar street lights shine over the nearby water tower

This solar street light project has been successfully completed and has brought the local community alive at night, making the previously dark nights brighter. Even at night, the surrounding courtyards have become a playground for children, with many lively scenes of chasing, running, and playing. The improvement of outdoor lighting in the community at night has greatly facilitated the lives of the local residents and has enriched the nightlife, making the community, which was once silent and dark at night, a lively and vibrant place.