35 watts solar street light split type in Slovakia


Solar street light split type


October 2012


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35 watts solar street light split type in Slovakia

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Cigeľ is a quiet village in Western Slovakia where only 1,036 people live. Green hills surround this peaceful area, far away from the noise and lights of nearby cities.

But in spite of Cigeľ’s size, it is also innovative. Here you can find some of the first 35 watts solar street lights split type in Slovakia.

Solar power is energy from the sun that is turned into electricity. It is a renewable source of power and it also cuts down costs on energy. Traditional energy sources are taken from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.

Switching to solar power helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels. The use of such fuels contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and increases our dependence on them. Solar power is highly efficient. It is very useful for activities such as cooking, lighting, heating and other aspects of everyday life.

These solar power street lights are special in that they do not expend too much energy. They are environmentally-friendly, preparing us for a cleaner future. How they work is that during the day the solar panels collect sunlight.

Operation costs are minimal because the solar street lights are not connected to any electric grid. They do not need much maintenance and create no pollution. It is also possible to regulate the lights at night. Their illumination can be reduced according to the degree of light or dark.

Solar street lights can illuminate the community of Cigeľ without high costs. Neither is there a need for excavation works or laying of cables. There is an automatic on/off function along with a long service life.

So far, Cigeľ has the largest installation of solar street lights in Slovakia. This means that even though it is a small place, it is far ahead from the rest of the country in clean technology.