60 watts solar street lamp project is a great success in a residential area in Abuja of Nigeria


Lightgogo 4


November 2022




Abuja, Nigeria

60 watts solar street lamp project is a great success in a residential area in Abuja of Nigeria

Residential areas
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Since we launched the Lightgogo 4 series of integrated solar street lights in 2018, this range has been very popular in the Nigerian market, especially the 60-watt version, and each year there are almost a thousand solar street lights installed in major cities and corners of the Nigerian market. Most of these projects are municipal road projects, while a few are installed in communities and private estates. High brightness and long-lasting durability are the most positive feedback we have received from the markets. During the Nigerian rainy season, the effective hours of sunlight are drastically reduced due to weeks or even months of rainy weather, but we have never had a luminaire fail due to rainy weather in any of our installations. We are proud to say that our system can easily cope with weeks and months of rainy weather in Nigeria, ensuring a truly efficient lighting service all 365 days of the year.

solar street lamp project is a great success in a residential area in Abuja of Nigeria

Why is Lightgogo 4 so efficient and durable? We will explain in detail through this project example. First of all, as a lighting product, the primary function of Lightgogo 4 is lighting, and light efficiency is the core parameter of the lighting product, so improving the light efficiency is the key. Just imagine a 180-lumen-per-watt luminaire, which is 50% more energy efficient than a 120-lumen-per-watt luminaire under the same brightness requirements. Since 2018, 180 lumens per watt has become our basic standard and Lightgogo 4 saves 50% of the electricity compared to the mainstream luminous efficiency of 120 lm/w which is commonly available on the market so that the energy saved can be stored as storage power every day. The high efficiency of the light can be achieved with the help of 5050 high-efficiency LEDs. Although the material cost is higher than the most common 3030 LEDs, the increase in cost is insignificant compared to the power saving and reliability benefits of the high efficiency.

With the Lightgogo 4 60-watt solar street light, we have recently upgraded with an 18V, 80-watt high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel. At the same time, we have also used a very efficient MPPT solar controller that allows highly efficient and continuous power generation even in low-light conditions. Even in the rainy season in Nigeria, the Lightgogo 4 solar street light system can still generate electricity consistently and efficiently even in low-light rainy weather conditions.

Lightgogo 4 solar street lights are so bright in evening

The battery is an important component of the solar street light system, its quality directly determines the quality of the lamp and its lifetime directly determines the lifetime of the whole lighting system. Therefore, we put the greatest effort into the selection of battery modules to ensure the best quality. Since 2018 we have been using LiFePO4 as the energy storage module for the Lightgogo 4 solar street light system. We have never had a single customer complaint in the Nigerian market in 5 years and the defect rate for these products is still zero, although there have been thousands of installations. We have also been committed to a five-year warranty so that if there is any product failure within five years, we will replace the product with a new one without any reason. However, under normal conditions of use, the Lightgogo 4 will work for up to 10 years. The batteries can be replaced with a simple operation to extend the service life, making the customer's investment more profitable for longer.

This project today is located in a new residential area on the edge of Nigeria's capital city of Abuja, which was once farmland and barren hills and is now being transformed into a new high-end residential community. The project is based on 7-meter high conical poles with spacing between them ranging from 20-40 meters. 10,800 lumens can be achieved at full power with the Lightgogo 4, which is equivalent to 100 watts for a normal LED street light. The whole courtyard will look exceptionally bright even in a large courtyard, although the luminaires are only installed around the perimeter of the courtyard. You can see that the little brother, who is having dinner, enjoys sitting in the bright and spacious courtyard, enjoying his meal while enjoying the view of the brightly illuminated evening!