Lightgogo 4 mini 20 watts solar street light installation in Marseille city of France


Lightgogo 4 mini


October 2022


40 sets


Marseille, France

Lightgogo 4 mini 20 watts solar street light installation in Marseille city of France

Residential areas
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Although there is a humid sea breeze blowing in Marseille in the summer, it is also unusually hot under the scorching afternoon heat of the sun. The 40 sets of solar street lights that were installed a few weeks ago were suffering from the heat of the sun, and the solar panels on top of the street lights were covered with a thin layer of dust, although this did not affect the power generation function of the solar street lights in any way, as after four hours of baking in the heat, all the street light systems had been stored full of energy and were waiting for the night to come. 

In the late afternoon, a heavy downpour suddenly descended and washed the village roads clean and tidy. The solar-powered streetlights were also washed clean and immaculately. In a village just north of Marseille, 40 sets of Lightgogo 4 mini solar street lights were installed a few weeks ago. When evening comes, all the lights will automatically switch on their journey for the whole night, keeping the pedestrians and vehicles safe.

Lightgogo 4 Mini solar street light installation in parking site

The project's poles are all 6 meters high and are installed at a spacing of 25 meters. The Lightgogo 4 mini operates at just 20 watts, but thanks to its high brightness and high luminous efficiency, the lights have an effective luminous flux of over 4000 lumens, which is equivalent to 40 watts of light from an ordinary LED street light.

For solar road lighting, the biggest concern we often have is the ability to spend the winter safely. For these common worries, our company's products have also made solutions to deal with them. First of all, we have improved the power generation efficiency of our street lighting systems by using MPPT technology. Even in the winter months, when the sunlight is low and the duration of sunlight is short, the system is still able to store enough power quickly. Secondly, with the help of high technology such as intelligent lighting technology and microwave sensing technology, the system can save a great deal of power and thus keep the lights on for a long time. Even in winter, our solar street lights never stop working because of a lack of power. On the contrary, they can often effectively cope with rainy weather for up to 2 weeks or more, ensuring continuous operation for 365 days a year.