60 watts solar street lights are shining perfectly in Kano city of Nigeria


Lightgogo 4 60W


October 2020




Kano, Nigeria

60 watts solar street lights are shining perfectly in Kano city of Nigeria

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Kano State is the capital city of Kano, one of the 36 states of Nigeria. The historical city of Kano is located in the northern part of the country, on the upper plateau of the Hardja River, which was formerly used as a transportation hub for the camel caravan trade between West Africa and North and East Africa across the Sahara Desert. The city has many places of historical interest, the climate is cool and pleasant, and the flowers and trees are so beautiful that tourists come here to escape the heat during the dry season.

Kano State, established on May 27, 1967, has 44 local governments. It has a population of 5,632,040, mainly of Hausa-Fulani ethnicity. The capital city of Kano is one of the three largest cities in Nigeria, with a long history of being the commercial center of northern Nigeria and the distribution center of various commodities since ancient times, and is currently the industrial, commercial and educational center of the state. It concentrates more than 98% of the state's large and medium-sized processing enterprises.

solar street lights are shining perfectly in Kano city of Nigeria

Today we are pleased to present a solar street light project in the urban area of Kano, which uses ANETHIC's Lightgogo 4 solar street light with a power of 60 watts and a maximum luminous output of 10,800 lumens. The height of the pole used is 8 meters. Approximately 200 lamps were installed.

Lightgogo 4 is ANETHIC's flagship product and currently one of the most popular and most sold products. Efficient, intelligent, and long-lasting are the most important features of the Lightgogo 4 series

Lightgogo 4 solar street lights are installed in Kano city of Nigeria

The efficiency of Lightgogo 4 is mainly reflected in the efficiency of LED lighting and the efficiency of power generation. We use a high efficiency 5050 LED lighting solution, which ensures a minimum light output of 180 lumens per watt, while most LED luminaires only have a maximum of 130 lumens per watt, making the Lightgogo 4 series 40% more efficient than ordinary LED luminaires.

The high efficiency is also reflected in the solar panel and power generation efficiency. Lightgogo 4 solar street light has a high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panels with an efficiency of 23%, and it built up with a MPPT charge controllers that is at least 30% more efficient than ordinary PWM controllers, therefore Lightgogo 4 products can work properly and efficiently even in winter when the sunlight is not enough.

Lightgogo 4 solar street lights installation in Kano city of Nigeria

The Lightgogo 4 solar street light inherited with a highly sensitive microwave sensor, which can detect any moving objects such as pedestrians, vehicles, animals, etc. Any customer can make very special settings for the brightness and working time of the lamps before and after the sensor according to their actual needs, thus achieving the concept of on-demand lighting and avoiding the impact of excessive lighting on the surrounding environment, just like having a brain that can think independently, and will intelligently and autonomously adjust the optimal lighting solution for different seasons according to the changes due to the seasons.

Lightgogo 4's internal solar panels can last more than 25 years, LED modules can last more than 15 years, and the built-in lithium iron phosphate battery can be effectively cycled more than 3,000 times (100% DOD), so the whole lamp can be designed to last as long as 15 years.

solar street lights installation in Kano city of Nigeria

Just imagine, not too long ago it was a dark neighbourhood, now there are 200 solar street lights appeared here and shining perfectly in Kano city. No matter what the weather is, no matter the spring, dawn, autumn and winter, two hundred solar street lights are keeping up day and night to the best lighting solution. The darkness of the past has changed into a brightness now, the surrounding residents can travel safely at night, the whole district has become safer at night, the environment is more beautiful, and the night life has been more active since then.