Installation of 60 watts integrated solar street light in Abuja of Nigeria


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May 2020




Abuja, Nigeria

Installation of 60 watts integrated solar street light in Abuja of Nigeria

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Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, also known as the Federal Capital Territory, is the geographical center of the country. The Abuja metropolitan area covers 250 square kilometers. It is about 500 km from Lagos. It is located on the southwest edge of the Central Plateau, a tropical savannah hilly area with a small population, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. The population of Abuja is about 2 million.

Mr. Jawad from Abuja is our good partner in Nigeria, our partnership has lasted for more than 10 years, especially since 2018, the local demand for solar street lights has increased dramatically, even under the influence of the Covid-19 in the last 2 years, Mr. Jawad has installed more than 1500 lights in the local area during the last 3 years. Most of them are solar street lights, 60 watts of power with an output luminous flux of 10,800 lumens.

Installation of 60 watts integrated solar street light in Abuja

The project we are going to introduce today is located in an industrial area of Abuja city, the model used for the installation is the MPPT version of Lightgogo 4 solar street light, the power is 60 watts, the luminous efficacy is 180 lumens per watt, the whole light flux output is 10,800 lumens in total, the pole's height is 6 meters high, the spacing is about 30-40 meters ranging, the installation angle is 15 degrees, and the installation quantity of this project is about 80 pieces of Lightgogo 4 solar street lights.

According to the field measurement, the actual illuminance of this project is more than 20lux, which fully meets the designed brightness requirements. Since Lightgogo 4 series solar street light uses optical lenses of 180x90 degrees, the illumination of the whole project is very uniform and there are no obvious bright and dark areas, which greatly improves the satisfaction of the end customer.

60 watts integrated solar street light installation in Abuja

As for each solar street light, ANETHIC uses the newest lithium iron phosphate A-grade brand new battery as the energy storage system of the street light, the effective cycle times of each battery can reach as many as 2000 times, which also means that the effective life of the street light can reach as long as 10-15 years under the consideration of 2 cloudy or rainy days.

Solar lighting has become a trend, a fashion, and a good choice for cities to go low-carbon. Converting sunlight into electricity for storage during the day, and then converting it into light energy again at night for lighting at night, what a perfect solution! The applications of solar lighting will become more and more widespread, improving people's quality of life and making our evening live more and more bright and beautiful.

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Installation of 60 watts integrated solar street light in Abuja