Solar street light 60 watts installation in Freetown of Sierra Leone


Lightgogo 4 MPPT


September 2022




Sierra Leone

Solar street light 60 watts installation in Freetown of Sierra Leone

Residential areas
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Freetown is the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone. The city was established in 1893 and became the national capital in 1961.

Today, we would like to introduce our first solar street light installation in the Freetown of Sierra Leone. It’s a new residential area, the product picked up by our customer is the Lightgogo 4 solar street light MPPT version, colour temperature is 5000K, the light poles used in the project is 7 meters long, installed quantity is 80pcs in total.

Lightgogo 4 is an all-in-one solar street light, designed with a maximum power of 60 watts, 28pcs of 5050 high-brightness LEDs, matched with professional road lighting lenses to achieve the best performance.

The solar panel is positioned at the top part of the fixture with 80 watts of power and a minimum service life of 20 years. Each solar light has a super long life lithium iron phosphate battery integrated inside, and its capacity is 12.8-36AH. 

all in one solar street light in Freetown of Sierra Leone

The controller is the control unit of the solar streetlight, which is also the brain of the whole lighting system. During the day, he takes care of the highly efficient power generation after receiving sunlight through the solar panel and storing the power safely into the battery, and at night, he is responsible for the switch on/off the light and releasing the right amount of power from the battery for LED lighting. If there is a long rainy days or season, the controller will also make a lighting plan according to the weather or seasonal characteristics, so that the whole lighting system can continue to work for a long time.


Solar street light installation in Freetown of Sierra Leone

Each lamp is matched with a highly sensitive microwave sensor, the sensor can detect any moving objects, such as pedestrians, vehicles, animals, etc. Customers can program their own very special settings for the brightness and working times of the lamps that before and after the sensing according to their actual needs, thus to achieve the concept of on-demand lighting to avoid the impact of excessive lighting on the surrounding environment.