The success story of 35 watts solar street light in Lebanon


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October 2016


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The success story of 35 watts solar street light in Lebanon

Major streets
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“The planets and moons of our solar system are blatantly visible because they reflect sunlight. Without the nearby Sun, these planets would be cryptic and dark in the sky.”

The meaning of above lines is absolutely clear. It means without the sun this whole world is nothing.

Nowadays, we are also making good use of sun by illuminating our streets. Well, we are using the solar street to light up when there is dark. With this, we are going to discuss a special kind of solar street light. The name is 35 watts solar street light. Read below for more details!

solar street light project in Lebanon

Solar energy is one of modern clean energy. The solar street light solution is a good way to use clean energy and lighting our way. We have done lots of work in lightening the world with the help of Solar energy. “ANETHIC Solar Street Light Solution” is an expert group in manufacturing Solar Street Lights.

In May 2016, we have supplied 26 sets of the 35 watts solar street light system in Lebanon. ANETHIC is a professional solar lighting solution provider in China mainland. This project has already helped a lot to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emission. We are very sure that our Solar Street Light System will help to save the environment.

The solar street light system contains 35 watts led street light, 12 volt 100 amp hour GEL battery, 10 amp 12 volt constant current solar controller, 17.4 volt 120 watts solar panel, battery box, solar panel bracket and screws etc. ANETHIC solar street lighting solution develops local sunshine advantage and transfers solar energy to lighting system efficiently.

The 35 watts Solar Street light is amazing. When you will read its characteristics, you are going to like this one.

  • The 35 watts Solar Street light is very efficient. It helps to conserve the energy. It helps to save the environment. In simple words, it is eco-friendly.
  • This Solar Street Light is cost-effective also. It requires only one-time setup. After the setup, it costs you nothing.
  • The 35 watts Solar Street light is somewhat like a perpetual machine.
  • It is helpful in increasing the safety of the streets. It is because it illuminates the dark streets.
  • The utmost characteristic of 35 watts solar Street Light is that it promotes the sustainable development.
  • These lights help to decrease the light pollution. Therefore, it saves money as well as energy.
  • Now, the consumption of local power is less. It’s because of the Solar Street Light only.
  • Its maintenance costs you very less. No network is required.
  • The 35 watts solar street light is easy to install anywhere. It is a boon for the areas where there is no electrical wiring.
  • These Solar Street lights can work in harsh conditions also. You need not worry during poor weather conditions. It saves energy and utilizes it later.
  • One of the most important characteristics is that it has a longer lifespan. So, it is worthy of your investment.
  • The 35 watts Solar Street Light system does not require too much of space to put the setup.

35 watts solar street light project in Lebanon

Hence, you should give a second thought before you chose for some other light. The Lebanon government is giving a green flag to several similar projects. This process is earning pace! Still, we need to achieve many targets and goals.

The 35 watts Solar Street Light is actually worthy of your money. I can give you many reasons behind this. Well, try this 35 watts Solar Street Light at your place like; home, offices, shops, malls, school, garden, etc.

We can reach at your place very easily. We can complete the installation very efficiently without wasting too much of the time.

To know more about our upcoming or past project cases, please visit our Projects page. However, if you want to partner up with us on any new projects, do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.