Project Description

Solar Powered Home System 10KV Off-Grid in Guanlan of Shenzhen

Shenzhen is still primarily a businessman’s destination, so it’s no surprise that a world-class golf facility (touted as the worlds largest) has popped up in Guanlan town. One of the golf villa owner Mr.Wang wanna go green for the power supply of his house, after several times of meeting and 3 days installation the project successfully done by now.

10KW System Configuration

Solar Panel
250 W/pc 36.2V solar panel IP6516
100AH 12V AGM battery IP6820
Controller SyestemPure sine wave 10 K W inverter, 96VDC to 220±15% VAC, LED display, power frequency, efficiency 85%-96%, filter function. Controller: 100A 96V PWM, with Grid electricity Auto switch1
Mounting bracketSolar panel mounting bracket, hot galvanize steel,15°degree, ground installation, front height 300mm,Level 11 wind resistance1
AccessoriesCables: 6mm2 PV cable 200m; 25mm2 PV cable 50m; including all the connectors and screws1

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Project Details


April 25th, 2013


10KW Off-Grid


1 System


Shenzhen, China

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solar powered home system 10KV off-grid in Guanlan