What is the All-In-One Solar Street Light? The Ultimate Solar Street Light!

Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun yet.    – Bonnie Raitt

Very well said!! No one dares to tax the sun. It’s because the sun and its solar energy cost you nothing. The solar street lights are dominating the electric lights.

The great thing is that the solar street lights are eco-friendly. It’s a just a one-time investment. Many patterns are there for solar street light.

But, The all-in-one solar street light is actually an all in all product. What is All-In-One solar street light actually? Read below to know more about this..!

All-In-One Solar Street Light

All-In-One solar street light is tightened with:

  • LED light source
  • Lithium battery
  • Solar panel
  • Controller all together in one piece.

This All-In-One solar street light runs with solar energy. It is simple to maintain, and guarantee the performance

All-In-One solar street light illuminates the:

  • Urban streets
  • Expressways
  • Country streets
  • Town streets,
  • Parks, gardens
  • Beautiful district
  • Other open spots.

Full and detailed exploded diagram of the LightGoGo All-In-One Solar Street Light

The Advantages Of All-In-One Solar Street Light

1. Wireless Machine:  A very good combination is seen. The solar panel with the lithium battery, LED light, small-scale controller and other attachments. The all-In-One solar based LED street light is very elegant, and stylish.

2. Controlled With Micro-Computer: It combines the time control system and light control system. It guarantees a more vitality effective lighting system.

3. Simple Installation: Do not require any external power cable and connection. This system is can be installed within few minutes.

4. Lithium Battery: It has a longer lifespan because of a lithium battery.

5. Modern Design: All of its parts have a modern design with standardized production. LED, Solar Controller, Battery can be restored very easily.

6. Bring Down Cost:  If we compare all-in-one solar street lights with the other one, the all-in-one solar street lights cost much less.

Lithium-ion battery pack

Special Features Of All-In-One Solar Street Light

We can very alter its programming very easily. Let me explain you with the help of an example..!

If the sky is dark, this all-in-one solar street light lights up automatically. If the sky is bright then these lights power off automatically. And hence, saves the energy!

At the point when individuals approaching, the light will work with full power mode in 100% splendor. At the point when individuals leave, the light will swing to vitality spare mode with 30% brilliance.  

1. Work with half shine for the first hour

2. Then gives 100% shine for the second third hour

3. It work with half shine for the fourth hour

4. Then work with 10% shine for the fifth twelfth hour

Patterns of All-In-One incorporated sun oriented LED road lights:

Lithium-ion battery pack placed in the all in one solar street light

If you want to read more information about our solar street lights split type and all-in-one solar street light please visit our Products page.