Introducing the Upgraded PowerInPro: Enhanced Control Panel for Greater Convenience

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Introducing the Upgraded PowerInPro: Enhanced Control Panel for Greater Convenience

May 6, 2023
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Welcome to our blog post, where we're excited to introduce you to the latest upgrade of the PowerInPro mobile power generator. In this article, we'll be diving into the enhanced control panel of the PowerInPro, which brings a host of new features and outlets that offer greater convenience and versatility. With multiple options for charging and powering your devices and appliances, the PowerInPro is set to revolutionise your portable power experience. Let's explore the key improvements and their benefits in detail.

Section 1: Introducing the New 230V Outlets

One of the standout enhancements of the upgraded PowerInPro is the addition of 1x 230V 15A outlet and 1x 230V 20A outlet. These outlets provide more power and open up possibilities for connecting high-demand appliances or equipment. With the 230V 15A outlet, you can power devices such as air conditioners, power tools, and larger home appliances. The 230V 20A outlet, on the other hand, offers even more power, allowing you to connect heavy-duty machinery or multiple devices simultaneously. This increased capacity brings greater flexibility and functionality to the PowerInPro, making it suitable for a wider range of applications.

Section 2: Exploring the AC and Solar Charging Sockets

In addition to the 230V outlets, the upgraded PowerInPro now features an AC charging socket and a solar charging socket. The AC charging socket, operating at 230V 15A, enables you to conveniently charge the PowerInPro using a traditional AC power source. Whether you're at home, in an RV, or at a campsite, you can easily replenish the power supply of your generator.

The inclusion of a 120-380VDC 20A solar charging socket takes the PowerInPro to the next level in terms of eco-friendliness and energy independence. By connecting solar panels, you can harness the power of the sun to charge your generator, making it a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. The solar charging option provides the freedom to operate the PowerInPro even in remote locations where access to the grid might be limited or unavailable.

Section 3: Embracing the Convenience of USB and Type C Charging Sockets

To cater to the ever-evolving landscape of personal devices, the PowerInPro now offers a USB charging socket and a Type C charging socket. These options enable you to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other USB-C compatible devices directly from the generator. Whether you're on a camping trip, in an outdoor event, or facing a power outage, you can keep your essential electronics charged and stay connected.

Section 4: Unleashing Creativity with DMX Sockets

For artists, technicians, and professionals in the entertainment industry, the PowerInPro's two 24VDC DMX sockets bring a world of possibilities. These sockets allow you to control lighting fixtures, special effects, and other DMX-compatible equipment. With a maximum power output of 240W each, the DMX sockets provide precise control and flexibility, making the PowerInPro a valuable tool for stage performances, concerts, events, and more.

Section 5: Enhanced Storage Power for Extended Usage

In addition to the control panel upgrades, the PowerInPro now boasts an increased storage power capacity of 10kWh. This means that you can power more devices for longer durations without worrying about running out of energy. The extended usage time provided by the enhanced storage power ensures that you have reliable and consistent power throughout your activities, whether it's camping, working on a job site, or dealing with emergency situations.


The upgraded PowerInPro mobile power generator with its enhanced control panel truly takes portable power to the next level. With the introduction of the new 230V outlets, AC and solar charging sockets, USB and Type C charging options, and DMX sockets, the PowerInPro offers unmatched convenience and versatility.

Whether you need to power high-demand appliances, charge your devices on the go, harness solar energy, or control lighting and special effects, the PowerInPro has you covered. The 230V outlets provide more power and expand the range of devices you can connect, while the AC and solar charging sockets ensure easy and flexible charging options.

The inclusion of USB and Type C charging sockets caters to the modern-day reliance on personal devices, allowing you to keep your smartphones, tablets, and laptops charged wherever you are. And for professionals in the entertainment industry, the DMX sockets open up a world of creativity and control over lighting and special effects.

With an increased storage power capacity of 10kWh, the PowerInPro ensures extended usage time, giving you peace of mind and reliability during your activities. Whether you're camping, working on a job site, or facing unexpected power outages, the PowerInPro is designed to meet your power needs.

The upgraded control panel of the PowerInPro not only enhances functionality but also provides convenience and versatility in powering your devices and appliances. It is a portable power solution that adapts to your lifestyle, offering a wide range of charging options to keep you connected and powered up wherever you go.

In conclusion, the PowerInPro's enhanced control panel, featuring the new 230V outlets, AC and solar charging sockets, USB and Type C charging options, and DMX sockets, revolutionises the way we experience portable power. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a professional in the entertainment industry, or simply someone who values convenience and versatility, the PowerInPro is your reliable companion for all your power needs. Stay connected, stay powered with the upgraded PowerInPro mobile power generator.