High-efficient and cost-effective 4 types of solar street light systems

Solar street light

High-efficient and cost-effective 4 types of solar street light systems

June 26, 2021
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The solar lights have gained so much of popularity today. Now, we can see them on highways, streets, home yards, outdoor parking lots, city parks, public places etc.

The solar street lights are in use in the areas where there is no availability of electricity, and it is into the trend because of its savings of energy, helps to save lots of money. The complete set of solar street light, no matter what types they are, need to have those parts.

1. Solar panel. 2. Battery pack. 3. LED light (or LED module for all in one designs). 4. Solar charge controller (or hybrid controller for hybrid systems). 5. Light pole

All the above written systems are under the control of On/Off auto-switch (built-in with solar charge controller). This switch controls the light system till morning or other settings of a day. If you want to know more please ready "how does the solar street light turn on and off automatically".

With some new ideas, more types of solar street light systems are available in the market, to know more about them, read this article from head top to end. Below are the 4 types of solar street light systems…!

Type 1. Off-grid split type solar street light system

Most of the solar light projects are coming soon on the area where there is no electricity wiring. Solar light is a better option. In off-grid split type street light each pole has an independent unit. It contains the power source (the solar panel), a battery, a solar charge controller, and a LED light. In Fact, you can put this unit anyplace (with the exception of an area where has no sunlight, obviously).

Type 2. Grid-tie hybrid type solar street light system

The grid-tie hybrid solar street lights build up with a AC/DC hybrid controller, and an extra 100-240Vac voltage constant power supply.

Solar and Grid Hybrid solution integrated with a solar and grid hybrid solution. System works on solar for priority and automatically switch to mains power (100-240Vac ) when battery is low. The hybrid solution makes it credible and no risks where has high illumination requirement but with long rainy & snow seasons in Northern countries.

To know more features and functions of the hybrid system, please read our products pages Lightgogo 4 and Lightgogo 5.

Type 3. Solar & wind hybrid solar street light system

By adding a wind turbine and upgrade the controller to solar & wind hybrid type from the current off-grid split type solar street light system, then we will have a solar & wind hybrid solar street light system done.

This solar and wind street light is a combination of solar and wind energy. When we combine the both the more production of energy is there. The wind and sunlight both produces the energy at different time.

Wind is dominating in winters whereas sunlight is more in summers. For this reason, this wind and solar hybrid street light is successful and quite a good option in harsh climatic conditions.

Type 4.  All-in-one solar street light system

The all-in-one solar street light is the 3rd generation of solar lighting system, well known as its compact design to integrate all their parts inside of one unit only. Which created on 2010s for rural outdoor lighting sectors and being popular for couple of years. And now its already a very good option for professional lighting applications of  parking lots, parks, streets, main roads, etc.

Not only the structural upgrades but also the power supplying and its lighting systems. The all in one type integrated solar street lights are so much flexible on its systems. We could just change the controller only to switch between off-grid solar, solar & grid hybrid, or even solar & wind hybrid solutions by simply adding a wind turbine.

Let‘s take a look of ANETHIC’s Lightgogo 4, its not only an off-grid solar street light, but also a hybrid solar street light too. And there is more smart features like easy programmable, smart dimming, mention sensing, super high-efficiency, all-in-one unit, all night long lighting, and no electricity bills, etc...

The Lightgogo 4 is a useful platform. All its functions are optional and customizable. Extensible to IoT remote communication monitoring functions. More and more advanced functions and extra devices could be integrated too.

Solar street lights improves the quality of life, its a better lighting solution for future

Thanks to the rapid development of charging and energy storage technologies, integrated streetlights have gone from a niche product to a major outdoor lighting product that is commonly installed and used.

Its easy installation, maintenance-free, high brightness, high efficiency, smart sensing, smart dimming, much less and controlled light pollution, energy saving and environmental protection, and many other quality features are bringing more and more benefits to society, provide better lighting to our streets, and making our life better.