Best outdoor lighting solution to protect wildlife and environment

Solar street light

Best outdoor lighting solution to protect wildlife and environment

August 28, 2021
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In this post, I'll share the most environmentally friendly lighting option for protecting wildlife and the environment.

Most of the houses today have outdoor lighting installed in their homes. After all, they help us view better and make us feel protected. But what about nocturnal wildlife and our environment? A variety of studies have concluded that outdoor lighting causes a disturbance in the natural behavior of wildlife.

More so, it is a threat that may cause even accidents or death of nocturnal wildlife that gets confused with the artificial lighting.

Look how artificial light impacts the wildlife

It is a known fact that predators hunt at night and the prey takes cover in the darkness of the night sky. However, artificial light makes it difficult to happen. This causes the natural flow of both the predators and the prey to hamper, thereby threatening the wildlife.

Secondly, endangered species are increasing due to the disruption of mating rituals of certain amphibian species. These species reproduce during the night and the outdoor lighting disturbs and confuses them. As a result, we have an addition of endangered species with every passing year.

Lastly, the birds are greatly impacted and at significant risk due to artificial outdoor lighting. Birds use night vision to travel during late evening or in the darker skies. However, the massive use of artificial lighting may lead the birds to get confused with moonlight and artificial light.

This becomes the biggest reason for injury and fatalities in the birds and animals who hunt at night. Now, let's talk about our environment…

How artificial lighting causes the environment

As noted above, artificial outdoor lighting has an adverse effect on the nocturnal wildlife and consequently, the balance in the environment. But it gets worse.

The artificial lights used in outdoor lighting emit a large amount of heat that contributes to the light pollution in the world. Furthermore, 90% of the energy goes into waste impacting our environment in the wrong ways. Learn the light pollution solutions from another article.

I can keep going with more drawbacks because it is just an inexhaustible list. However, we all know the importance of preserving wildlife and the environment.

So, let's focus on what we can do

As humans, we don't have perfect night vision. So, we can't discuss the possibility of completely banning outdoor lighting. After all, it is a necessity. So what can we do?

We can select the appropriate lighting which is eco-friendly and doesn't cause harm to the environment. Although, I don't have to spell out the obvious. The choice is integrated solar street lights. Integrated solar street lights are the best outdoor lighting solution to protect wildlife and the environment. These energy-conscious lights are the right choice for all your outdoor lighting solution.

And the best part is that they do not harm the natural habitat of the nocturnal wildlife or the environment. Here's why integrated solar street lights are the best solution for protecting the wildlife and environment.

1. Lighting adjustments

As noted above, most of the trouble that the animals or birds face is due to lighting. With solar street lights, you can adjust the lighting according to your needs.

Here's an example. Our energy-conscious all in one solar street light is an integrated stand-alone solar street light that uses smart sensors to dim the light or illuminate according to the situation. When someone comes in proximity, it becomes 100% bright.

On moving away, the lamp dims its LED to 30%. This means less disturbance to the wildlife and reduced noise pollution as well.

2. Lesser impact on natural lighting of the night sky

Outdoor Lighting choices like Integrated solar street lights feature an LED light source with a right-beam angle. Also, it has the top and sides enclosed. These channels direct light downward, where it is needed.

Thus, it reduces the amount of wasted light. This ensures that the light is used to illuminate the ground and not the sky.

3. Eco-friendly

Another noteworthy thing is how other outdoor lighting solutions emit CO2 and increase global warming. If this continued, our own species along with the wildlife will come under threat.

Integrated solar street lights provide a solution as it is an energy-friendly substitute of the heavily dangerous lighting solutions.

4. Renewable source of energy

Integrated solar street lights get the energy from the renewable source of energy- The sun. As we know, the sun is going to outlive us all. However, the other sources of energy are exhaustible. Coal is the major producer of electricity.

But, it is exhaustible and the amount of by-products waste that it adds to the environment is shocking.

So, be a smart and responsible citizen and select Integrated solar street lights as the outdoor lighting for your homes, garden, parking area, and other locations.

Final words

Balance is the key and as an evolved species, it is our responsibility to work towards maintaining that balance in the wildlife and the environment. Solar lighting solutions can help you start right from your own home and do your part to protect the earth.

If you have any questions regarding solar lighting, talk to our solar experts and get all your answers today.