Why is solar street lighting getting more popular

Solar street light

Why is solar street lighting getting more popular

September 4, 2021
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Have you ever stopped to think about the electricity bill our government pays each month for street lights? It's crazy how much they pay! Have you wondered why windmills have fans that rotate in rural areas and what impact it has on us? There are so many problems we're faced with, like pollution, CO2 emission, global warming. If we have cared to ponder and take some action about it - I am sure you will have a hunch as to why solar street lighting is becoming more popular these days.

What is solar street lighting?

Solar street lights contain energy-efficient LED lighting systems that are powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged during the day using photovoltaic cells. This process allows solar power to be used for electric lighting at night, saving money and reducing carbon emissions in addition to providing light on roads where electricity may not otherwise exist.

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that emits very low carbon dioxide. It has many advantages over nonrenewable sources, such as coal which gets depleted and also contributes to pollution. Renewables can reduce the number of pollutants in our environment for future generations making this world an even better place to live!

Advantages of solar street lighting

Solar street lighting has many advantages compared to traditional methods of nighttime illumination. The following are the main reasons why people prefer it over others:

1.   Solar energy is a renewable source which means there's no need for additional infrastructures like digging trenches and laying underground cables, making installation simple but effective. It reduces maintenance costs by not requiring regular changes in equipment or lamps, unlike other sources that require more frequent change-outs due to higher levels of dirt accumulation on their lenses etcetera.

2.   Solar power ensures 24x7 electricity supply at affordable rates thus helping local governments save money through reduced expenditures on utility bills. A solar-powered light system does not emit any harmful pollutants into the environment so they don't contribute to air pollution and light pollution.

3.   Solar-powered street lighting is a long-term investment. It has no operating cost and it can even save you money in the future. Solar street lighting is safe with fewer cables and wires. This saves money in the long run because there are no electricians needed to install solar lights, which means less cost for maintenance.

4.   Solar street lighting is a great investment you can make for your community. Not only are these lights environmentally friendly, but they also provide illumination at night, which helps improve the safety of roads and reduces accidents.

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Components of solar street lighting

Solar street lighting consists of just five components.

1.   Solar panel kits

2.   LED lighting system

3.   Rechargeable battery

4.   Charging and controlling system

5.   Light pole

Solar street lighting is very simple to assemble and does not involve dangling wires which makes it extremely safe.

The initial setup cost of solar street lighting is higher than grid power LED street light ( to know more of grid power LED street light please check the model Lightgogo 1 ). However, the low maintenance cost and high efficiency of solar street lighting ensure that your pockets are heavy in the long run.

All non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, petroleum, natural gas involve products that are made up of carbon. On combustion, it emits carbon dioxide which causes pollution. An increase in pollution leads to several health hazards. Not only is it harmful to the health but also a major reason for issues like global warming. Even a small contribution from our end can lead to a significant positive impact.

Solar Street LED lights produce a far superior quality of light compare to sodium or metal halide lamps. By superior quality, I mean visibility, coloration, and intensity of light. The bright output from solar street lights is brighter and cleaning, increasing the visibility and safety of the travelers.

Now that you are aware of the boons of solar street lighting, you will not be surprised to know that solar street lighting is getting more popular and is the next trendy thing that is going to happen in your streets.

Research and predictive analysis claim that solar street lighting is going to see an increase in CAGR by a whopping 19% from 2016 to 2020. Interesting trivia is that the APAC regions lead with a 46% share of solar street lighting. For example, the Indian and the Chinese governments are taking several initiatives to promote this technology and reach out to the remote interiors of their country.

After reading this article which covers all aspects regarding the increasing popularity of solar street LED lights, I am sure you are convinced of its benefits. So why wait, adopt the changing trends and use solar energy to light up your streets right now!