Lightgogo 4 Hybrid

All-in-one solar street lights

40-180 Watts

Solar & Grid Hybrid Solution


5 Years Warranty

Calculated  L80>100,000h @ Ta 25°C

Why Lightgogo 4 Hybrid?

Introducing the Lightgogo 4 Hybrid - the ultimate solution for your lighting needs!

With a combination of solar and grid power, this hybrid version offers a wider range of power options, from 40w to 180w.

This hybrid version is perfect for areas with unpredictable weather patterns or varying sunlight availability, ensuring that you always have a reliable source of power. The grid power option also provides additional peace of mind, allowing for uninterrupted lighting even during extended periods of low sunlight.

But that's not all - the Lightgogo 4 Hybrid also boasts all the features of its predecessor, including smart dimming, motion sensing, and programmable load power. And with the option to customise and extend its capabilities through IoT remote communication monitoring functions, this is truly the future of smart lighting.

Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining traditional lighting solutions and skyrocket your energy savings with the Lightgogo 4 Hybrid. Experience the perfect blend of solar and grid power, advanced features, and long-lasting performance today!

Lighting features

  • Hybrid Power Solution:  The Lightgogo 4 Hybrid offers a unique and versatile power solution with a combination of solar and grid power. With power options ranging from 40w to 180w, this hybrid version ensures reliable lighting even in areas with unpredictable weather patterns or varying sunlight availability.
  • Advanced Smart Features:  Like its predecessor, the Lightgogo 4 Hybrid comes equipped with advanced smart features such as smart dimming, motion sensing, and programmable load power. These features allow for efficient and customisable lighting options, ensuring maximum energy savings and minimal maintenance.
  • Customisable and Extensible:  With the option to customise and extend its capabilities through IoT remote communication monitoring functions, the Lightgogo 4 Hybrid is truly the future of smart lighting. This feature-rich lighting solution allows for easy integration with other devices and advanced features, making it the perfect choice for modern, smart cities.

Design features

1. LED Module

Super high-efficiency LEDs module, 24pcs Lumileds 5050 LEDs, up to 185lm/w lamp output

2. Motion Sensor

Microwave motion detection sensor

3. IP67 Quick Connectors

IP67 M15 standard quick connectors

4. Hybrid Controller

Programmable smart solar & grid hybrid charge controller

5. Front Cover

Pure aluminium front cover

6. Solar Panel

Mono type solar panel,  anti-dust and self-cleaning coating. 23% efficiency. 25 years lifespan

7. LiFePO4 Battery

LiFePO4 battery with built-in protection system, super quality, Long Lifespan

8. Lamp Bracket

Stainless steel bracket thickness 4mm to bear the pressure of 200kgs

9. Lamp Frame

Lamp frame with die-cast aluminium  body

10. Pole Adaptor

Pole adaptor with Vertical and Horizontal 0-90 degree of adjustment for levelling. Integral die cast mounting pipe stop. Adjustable for 40-60mm diameter mounting pipe

11. MeanWell Power Supply

100-240Vac input, 24Vdc output

Lightgogo 4 Hybrid all-in-one solar & grid hybrid street lights are raised light sources which are powered by their own solar power self-generating system

Lightgogo 4 family

The Lightgogo 4 family includes 6 models of solar street lights, power range 40 to 180 watts


  • Roadway lighting
  • Urban roads
  • Major streets
  • Residential areas
  • Overpasses
  • Public areas lighting
  • Theme parks
  • Squares
  • Parking lots

Product specifications

Programming Settings ( a. Advanced Para)

Programming Settings ( b. Load Para)

Key functions of remote controller

Send information…

  1. Determine the working time, from 0 seconds to 60 minutes after motion detection, check it with code no. 2 “S-D-Time”.
  2. Setup the load power according to request, with code no.12 “LED-Cur”.
  3. Design your very personal and professional settings, with each period’s working time, power before and after motion detection, find code no. 14 “Load Pow Set” and press to enter the load parameters setting interface.

Receive parameters and check the working status…

  1. To receive and check the parameters have sent, and make sure things are all right.
  2. Check the load info. such as working current, voltage, and power, etc.
  3. Find out the total working time in the past few days, such as totally sensing hours, total working hours, totally working days etc. That helps to make a better decision for better parameter settings.

To simply test your lamp…

  1. By pressing the “Test” key of the remote controller, to send a test command to the lamp.  
  2. The test powers are 100%, 70%, 50%, and 30% in turn.

Steps to run a remote controller

Step 1:  Press any key to turn on the remote controller device.

Step 2:  Determine all your parameters in “a. Advanced Para”.

Step 3:  Enter the “b. Load Para” setting interface, to have your full working time and power settings.

Step 4:  Find the “Send” key, then press it to send parameters to the smart LED street light, and it's done.

Ordering information

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