Why Solar and LED Lights Make the Perfect Combination?

This article is a one-stop destination for all your questions regarding Solar and LED Lights and how they make a perfect combination. I will be touching upon certain basics for a better understanding of how solar LED lights work and why they make a perfect combination. In this article, I am going to answer the following questions:

Why Solar and LED Lights Make the Perfect Combination

Solar LED Street Light

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is a form of renewable energy. The solar energy is captured by photovoltaic cells of a solar panel and converted into electricity by recharging a battery used to light LED lamps. These cells get recharged during the day and are used for lighting the streets after dusk.

What is a renewable source of energy?

Renewable energy is energy that is obtained from natural resources and can be replenished continuously. Examples of renewable sources of energy are sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and water.

What is a nonrenewable source of energy?

Nonrenewable sources of energy are mostly fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum or natural gas whose chief constituent is carbon. Fossil fuels are formed because of the plants and animals that were buried millions of years ago, and these sources will get depleted over time.

Why is a renewable source of energy better than a nonrenewable source of energy?

Renewable sources of energy score high because they are environment-friendly and causes zero pollution.

Nonrenewable energy, on the other hand, produces carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide which causes pollution. Increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes ozone layer depletion as well as climatic changes. These climatic changes contribute to global warming resulting in the melting of glaciers, endangering the lives of harmless animals such as polar bears and penguins. Melting of glaciers also causes a rise in the water levels adversely affecting the people living on the seashore. Sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere causes acid rain which has a negative impact on plants and marine animals. Uranium, another source of nonrenewable energy produces toxic chemical waste and is also difficult to store.

What are LED Lights?

LED is a light emitting diode. An LED is a semiconductor device which converts electricity into light which is extremely energy efficient. LED lights are also said to be cost effective by lowering the electricity bills.

How are LED Lights better than sodium lamps?

LED lights are said to use 85% less energy than a normal sodium lamp or a halogen lamp. The human eye perceives bright white light to be better. A sodium lamp or an incandescent bulb requires more electricity to produce this white light. Another drawback is the heat generated and the short lifespan of a sodium lamp. Therefore, LED lights are more preferred compared to sodium lamps.

Why solar and LED lights to make the perfect combination?

Solar LED Lights produce a bright light with a greater intensity which makes night driving safer on the highways by providing better visibility. This bright light can be equated to the intensity of sunlight. Solar LED Street Light comes with a standard CRI of 66.

How do Solar LED lights work?

Solar LED Lights have a solar panel attached to the pole near the source of the light. These photovoltaic cells from the solar panel capture the sunlight and convert solar energy into electricity.

What are the advantages of Solar LED Lights?

Solar LED lights are popular because of the following reasons:

  • Cost-effective
  • Environment-friendly
  • Do not emit carbon dioxide and cause pollution
  • Offer better visibility
  • Have a lesser maintenance cost
  • Solar LED Lights are safe because there are no dangling wires
  • Solar LED Lights have an increased efficiency

Now that we have more information to process, we can ascertain the fact that solar light is a better source of energy than the nonrenewable options. The LED light is more efficient when compared to a sodium lamp. Thus the combination of a solar LED light is one extremely beneficial and hence a perfect combination.

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