Project Description

All You Need To Know About Solar Street Light System

Goal And Purpose

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The purpose of Solar Street Light System is to start the whole process by managing the:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Modification
  • Replacement
  • Removal of street light

The main goal of this strategy is to provide:

  • Public safety on the streets of the city
  • City-owned property
  • Arrange the resources of the city

So, all the things are mandatory to handle the utility of street light. But, we need to discuss more about Solar Street Light systems.

Let’s have a look!

Solar Street Light System 30W Installation in Mogadishu Somalia

Applicable Street Lighting

Since I have told you that the main goal is the security of the city. Therefore these lights are installed in the public areas to provide the security.

It gives security as well as helps to improve the quality of life. This system provides the total illumination to the dark areas.

This Project is already done in Mogadishu of Somalia where these Solar Street Lights systems are installed. These Solar street light systems are now in use.

The success rate is 100%. So, you can trust without any second thought.

Solar Street Light 60W Installation in Mogadishu Somalia

The Installation

The Solar Street light system is installed according to the street lights laws. The installation will get complete within the fixed period of time.

If there is any change in the standards or laws of street light systems, we will modify accordingly.

The street light committee is going to review the existing installation of the Solar Street Light System. After this, they decide for any changes.

Solar Street Light 30W Installation in Mogadishu Somalia

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Solar Street Light System?

Read all the advantages from head to toe. You will meet with the surprising benefits.

  • The first advantage is that it works on solar energy
  • It’ is cost-friendly and moreover easy to install
  • Has battery backu