Project Description

Solar Powered Shipping Container House in Rangoon of Burma

Due to the lack and shortage of the grid power, the community decided to go with solar power. ANETHIC engineers begin to work with solution and quotation in May, two months later the project was confirmed. World’s first energy-efficient tiny home that uses recycled shipping containers and solar panels to provide affordable and sustainable housing.

The container can be used off the grid but must be connected to a standalone solar system. This requires only about 90 days to build and can be positioned anywhere in the world. The introduction of off-grid solar panel systems into small, safe, sustainable, affordable, and effectively transportable homes will be very beneficial to villages in underdeveloped countries that are essentially completely independent from the resources of major cities.

We would like to show you the complete solution so that you may understand the steps of a 20KW solar powered shipping container system.

20KW System Configuration:

Solar Panel
250 W/pc 36.2V solar panel IP6580
400AH 2V AGM battery IP68240
Controller SyestemPure sine wave 10 K W Inverter, 240VDC to 380±15% VAC, LED display, power frequency, efficiency 85%-96%, filter function2
Mounting bracketSolar panel mounting bracket, hot galvanize steel,15°degree, ground installation, front height 300mm,Level 11 wind resistance1
10 Feet Container10 feet container for 10KW solar power system2
AccessoriesCables: 6mm2 PV cable 200m; 25mm2 PV cable 50m; including all the connectors and screws1

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Project Details


October 15th, 2014


20KW Off-Grid


1 System


Rangoon, Burma

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