Project Description

LED Street Light Installation in the Faroe Islands

Are you tired off from your daily routine? Do want to relax your mind and body? Then it is the time to plan for a new trip. Get an off from your job or business for few days.

Then it is the time to plan for a new trip. Get an off from your job or business for few days. The Faroe Islands is the best choice for your holidays. The Faroe Islands is the huge group of independent islands and is the part of Denmark. It is the beautiful island with 35W LED street lamps.

35W LED Street Lamp installation in the beautiful Faroe Islands-1000x750px

With the collaboration of a local partner, our first LED street light venture was installed effectively in the very delightful oceanside town of this island. The street lights are 35W. These LED street lamps give the village a new look and brightens the village in a way that there is no darkness at night.

We can see everything even in a dark night. 35W LED street lights are the replacement of 70-100W HPS lamps. It not only lightens up the village but creates a peaceful, attractive and beautiful atmosphere. People who have come here before and visited now after we installed 35W LED street lights felt a clear difference and they were very impressed by our street lamp project. Lights are of 4000 k which gives warm white light that looks brighter to the eye. We have used LED lights because it is very productive, less warmth and give more light.

People living there are very much satisfied with our efforts that we have made to make this island beautiful and are appreciating us. Visitors love to come here, again and again, to spend their holidays because the place relaxes them and recharge their and mind and body. The addition of 35W LED street lights was a sparkling idea that has enhanced the beauty of Faroe Islands.

As you can see, our solar street lights are the perfect solution for communities needing cost effecting lighting without harming the environment.

Honiara is a picture-perfect, tropical paradise which can now be enjoyed under sustainable, environmentally friendly lighting for many generations.

LED street lights provides bright light in the villiage of Faroe Islands

Then what are you waiting for? Plan a trip with your friends and family. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Once you visit this place, you will definitely plan another holiday for the same place because it attracts people. Our efforts of installing 35 LED street lamps made us really feel proud because we are receiving so much positive response and it feels so good.

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Project Details


November 10th, 2013


35W LED Street Light


126 System


The Faroe Islands, Denmark