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35W Solar Street Lights, Honiara, Solomon Islands

A Cost Effective Solution

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Solar street lights are an affordable solution for lighting both urban and rural communities anywhere in the world.

In Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands, ANETHICS installed 35W solar street lights in the beautiful, tropical city.

These lights work by collecting solar energy from the sun during daylight hours which then convert into electrical energy. The electrical energy is then used to power the street lights.

Installation of the 160W Solar Panel for the 35W Solar Street Light Project in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Each street light collects 4.5 hours of solar energy every day to provide up to 12 hours of light.

Our solar street lights are cost effective because they have long lifespans and use renewable, free energy from the sun.

Engineers are Installing the Pole

Each 35W Solar Street Light includes:

– A high powered LED street lamp with a lifespan of above 50,000 hours.

– A solar panel that will maintain no less than 90% PM in the first ten years and 80% in twenty years.

– A system controller that switches automatically according to the level of darkness.

– A storage battery with ten years of floating design life.

– A waterproof and heat preserving battery box.

– A solar panel bracket, including cables and screws for the solar panel, battery and LED street light.

– An anti-rust and anti-corrosion light pole with an expected lifespan of 30 years.

Wiring Process of the 35W Solar Street Lights Installation in Honiara of Solomon Islands The 35W Solar Street Light Works Good in Honiara Lights on the ground

As you can see, our solar street lights are the perfect solution for communities needing cost effecting lighting without harming the environment.

Honiara is a picture-perfect, tropical paradise which can now be enjoyed under sustainable, environmentally friendly lighting for many generations.

Pole Foundation for 35W Solar Street Lights Installation in Honiara

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Project Details


July 26th, 2015


35W Solar Street Light Split Type


74 System


Honiara, Solomon Islands