Solar Trackers: Pros and Cons You Should be Familiar With

Solar Trackers? What is it and what does it do? Well, it’s quite simple and it does exactly what its name suggests. A solar tracker tracks the solar energy. In simpler words, it follows the energy coming from the sun.

We all know that a solar panel works by gathering energy from the Sun. As beneficial a solar panel is, its efficiency can be increased.

Solar Trackers-Pros and Cons You Should be Familiar With

You may ask how?

Just attach a solar tracker to it. A solar panel with a solar tracker is known to produce about 30-40% more electricity than its counterparts.The solar tracker will adjust the solar panels at an angle from where they can get the maximum solar energy. Ultimately, it’ll produce more electricity.

These solar trackers are quite a boon when it comes to improved efficiency and productivity for both homes and commercial plants.

To get a better insight into solar trackers, let’s take a quick glance of its pros and cons

Solar Tracker


Solar Tracking Systems are known to be more efficient than its counterparts. They can produce about 30-40% more electricity than stationary solar systems. Though it can vary with the geographical location where the system is installed.

You can choose from the two types of solar trackers best-suited for you: single-axis or dual-axis. The type of solar tracker will depend upon a number of characteristics. For instance, geographical location, local weather, price budget, electrical equipment required, etc.

➧ If you want to encash from your solar panel and are connected to a grid, it is more beneficial to go for a solar tracking enabled system as it will harness more electricity due to optimized angles of the solar panels at all times.

➧ Installation of solar panels requires space. Fixed-angle solar panels require same space as solar tracking systems. Solar Tracking systems are thus more space-efficient and a good choice for you.

➧ With technology advancement, the maintenance concerns for solar trackers have visibly reduced making them a great reliable option.

That being said, don’t forget to check our smart tracker enabled solar street lights. It’ll illuminate not just your homes but your life as well.

Solar Power Station WIth Solar Trackers


Solar tracker enabled systems are usually more expensive due to additional equipment and complex technology involved with these systems.

These systems are more prone to breakage and damage in adverse weather conditions.

Frequent angle adjustment increases the probability of accidental damage of the solar panels mounted at very high altitudes.

The systems that come enabled with solar trackers are a better choice for warmer places where sunlight comes in abundance. Also, shaded areas are not suitable to place these systems.

Where installation is concerned, it will be a comparatively lengthy process for these systems due to additional equipment and the preparation involved such as extra wiring.

Because these systems come with a higher risk of accidental damage and breakage, the warranty period of these systems is lesser than fixed-angle systems.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, we can see that the pros of solar trackers and its enabled systems outweigh the cons associated with it. Now it is your personal choice to see what is ideal for you and you can make the purchase accordingly.

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