6 Things You Should Consider Before Installing Solar Panels at Your Home

Are you planning on going solar and investing in solar panels? Do you know the key elements you should be considering before making this purchase or the things that matter? All these questions that sound alien to you right now will be familiar in just a few minutes. In this post, we’ll discuss all the things you should consider before installing solar panels at your home.

Below are the 6 Most Important Things you should consider before installing solar panels at your home:

1. Is this your permanent property?

This is the most obvious thing to be considered before investing in solar panels. Is your property a permanent home where you’re going to spend at least a good 20-25 years? When you buy a solar panel for your home, you want to reap some benefits for more than 5-10 years from it that’ll also equate the investment you made with solar panels.

2. What is the structure of your roof ?

The type, build, and structure of your roof should be considered before you invest a solar panel. Although solar panels can be installed on nearly all types of roofs, the cost can vary with the type as well.

So before you buy, consider the below-mentioned things relevant to your roof:

➤ Structure of your roof

➤ In which direction is your roof facing

➤ Does it require any repair work and its condition

➤ Can it bear the weight of solar panels

3. How will you deal with safety hazards ?

When you install solar panels at your home, the roof usually gets closed down and you need to find other mechanisms to deal with safety hazards such as natural disasters like earthquake or thunder, etc.

It is highly advised to also think about your solar panels. How would they react to these natural disasters? Though solar panels come with a strong warranty period of 25 years or more, it’s good to know if your solar panels can withstand such harsh conditions.

4. Do you live in an ideal location to install solar panels ?

Although solar panels are manufactured in such a manner that they can withstand just about any location and weather, you should consider your location in terms of how much sunlight comes through.

Yes, your panels will also work in cloudy or windy weathers but you might require more solar panels to give an ideal output. Hence, increasing the cost of installation. If you live in a place where wind and rains are more frequent, a better alternative would be to go for a cheaper alternative such as a solar street light.

It is a full package and can be installed just about anywhere. Moreover, it comes with smart sensors to bring more efficacy and productivity on the table.

5. Want to Buy or Lease ?

In the case of buying a solar panel for your home and installing them, the one time cost is quite higher. To make a point, it can start somewhere from $30000. Now you can either buy a solar panel or another alternative is leasing.

In leasing, the upfront cost of buying a solar panel is reduced to nothing. But yes, you’ll have to find a good contractor who has a good reputation and a trustworthy alliance with clients. When leasing a solar panel, you’ll have to sign a contract with a third party.

Before you sign make sure to know about a few additional things like

➤ Are you paying anything?
➤ How will your credits be reflected?
➤ Will third party provide maintenance and servicing?
➤ Do they have access to the electricity produced and your usage?

6. Consider the timeline

Whichever method you choose, installing a solar panel will require a lot of wiring and equipment installation as well. Ideally, it can take up to weeks and even months for solar panel installation.

Consider the timeline and if it is suitable for you and your family or not. Have a discussion with this crucial key point before you sign a contract or invest big bucks in the solar panel.

To Summarize

Going solar is great. But you definitely need to consider these key points among many others before you take this mighty decision.

Remember not to waste in a haste. Think wisely because it is indeed a complex process.
In order to try your green solar energy in a simpler manner, you can also go for all-in-one solar street light.

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