Why is Solar LED Street Light more Beneficial than Grid-power LED Street Light?

“ Solar power is renewable, clean and cost effective.” 

There doesn’t appear to be many differences between a Solar LED Street Light and a Grid-power Street Light.

Isn’t that so? Well, Let me tell you that you are wrong.

The main thing they share in like manner is both give some type of light. There are numerous distinctions which we will cover beneath.

Let us see who wins the race!

All-In-One Solar LED Street Light

All-In-One Solar LED Street Light

1) Impact on Environment- Grid-Power LED Street Light utilizes grid power that is produced from nonrenewable sources of energy. Thus, this process leads to harmful CO2 emissions.

Solar LED Street Light utilizes power from the sun, which is a renewable source of energy. No harmful CO2 is produced. Also, the energy utilized during night gets replenished in the day time.

2) Cost effective – Solar LED Street Light utilizes light from the sun and thus is free from the power grid. Thus, the cost is much lower!

3) Green and Clean – The Solar LED Street Lights light up streets in an environment-friendly way. They utilize energy from the sun which is clean and hence, doesn’t cause any harmful co2 emissions.

3) Safe – Unlike the Grid-Power LED Street Lights, there are no cables attached with the solar LED street lights. Thus, these are safe to handle.

4) Low Maintenance – Solar LED Street Lights require very low maintenance as compared to Grid LED Street Lights.

5) Visibility- Solar LED Street Light comes with a standard CRI of 80. As a result, they render better visibility during night.

6) Less Light Pollution- Solar LED Street Lights causes almost zero light pollution and has an increased efficiency.

Grid-power LED Street Light

Grid-power LED Street Light

Want to know the best part?

The Solar LED Street Lights use LED apparatus which are mercury free and have a longer life expectancy.

CharacteristicsSolar LED Street LightGrid-Power LED Street Light
1. CostInitial cost is high due to the use of solar panels, LED lamp, and batteryInitial cost is comparatively low
2. Effect on
No harmful gases emitted. Thus, are environment-friendly Comparatively less environmentally friendly
3. Maintenance Cost It is minimalHigh
4. SafetyAs no cables are attached. Thus, are highly safeUnsafe due to the wires attached

Closing Words

After taking a look at the positive side of using a Solar LED Street Light compared to a Grid Power LED Street Light, we can clearly determine our winner. And the winner is ‘Solar LED Street Light’.

Solar LED Street Light is environment-friendly, improves visibility and is cost effective.

In this article, we discussed Why Solar LED Street Lights are better than Grid-Power LED Street Lights. We came across a lot of advantages of using Solar LED Street Lights.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go for Solar LED Street Lights and make the smart move! If you need more information about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!