Key Points To Remember While Selecting A Solar Street Light Manufacturer

We are certainly running out of mineral resources. That is why it is important to use electricity sparingly to conserve our mineral resources for the future. One way how more and more governing bodies are trying to do exactly that is by installing solar street lights.

Solar Street Light Installation in Rural Area

Solar Street Light

Affordable and Environment-friendly

Solar street lights are an absolute money saver. Are you interested? Of course, you are. Not only do they save money by using less electricity but by now we all know less electricity means a smaller carbon footprint.

Affordable and environment-friendly. What more do you want?

No wonder they are getting more popular by the day with everyone looking to purchase solar street lights. However, there is one thing that you need to remember. When purchasing solar street lights in big quantities, there is a few noticeable indicators to look out for to determine if a manufacturer is reliable or not.  Here is what to look out for:

Required Light

Street lights are generally used for brightening up our streets. Every street location has its own requirements. That means each street needs a certain a mount of light for it to be effective. It is in your best interest to calculate the required amount of light and make sure that the manufacturer can meet these requirements. Without knowing what the required light is might mean that all your efforts for installing solar street lights will be in vain.

Quality Of Materials

Most street lights is accessible by the public and sometimes someone will certainly try to vandalize the solar street light. When selecting a manufacturer one must make sure that they use high-quality raw materials in the manufacturing proses. Superb quality is always a noticeable trade of a good manufacturer and will be an insurance for a higher vandal proof product.

Insects Control

We all know that insects is the most attracted to bright light. A properly sealed light is always the best way to prevent insects from penetrating the solar street light and blocking the light emitted by the light which will result in a lower maintenance on the solar street light. Insects is the leading cause for any light for failing to work. A good manufacturer will recommend sealing the solar street light if it is your design, else their own product will be properly sealed to insects and the elements.

Corrosions Prevention

Corrosion is a natural wear-and-tear process that affects all metals. While corrosion is a natural occurrence, there are ways to mitigate corrosion and extend the life of solar street lights. Corrosion is the deterioration of metals due to chemical reaction with the environment. Corrosion occurs due to the oxidation of metals because of exposure to catalysts such as air and water.  A preferred manufacturer is one who use materials which is treated for corrosion. Among the most common forms of corrosion protection methods are: Cathodic protection, Corrosion inhibitors, Coatings, Abrasive blasting.


Maintenance is an expense no matter how you look at it. There will always be maintenance on solar street lights. We will all loathe to repair a solar street light that was just installed a month or two ago, so why not choose a manufacturer who supplies the right solar street light for your requirements. A well build solar street light will only require maintenance after 3 – 5 years depending on the environment.


Energy saving set a side, it will be a wise decision choosing a manufacturer that not only manufacture a light to your required light output but someone that will meet your required quality as well.

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