PowerInPro X1 230V

Portable Solar Power Generator Kit 230V Output Version

Rated Power 3,000 Watts

Peak Power 6,000 Watts

Power Storage 3072 Wh

3 Years Warranty

Why PowerInPro X1 230V?

Illuminate your path and power your dreams with the PowerInPro X1 – your beacon of enduring energy.

As you step into a world where immense strength converges with sheer simplicity, this solar power generator kit stands as a testament to engineering excellence. It's meticulously tailored for those with indomitable spirits, constructed to weather the trials of any journey or challenge that awaits.

Delve into the distinct features that render the PowerInPro X1 an unparalleled leader in solar power generator kits:

1. Tremendous Power Output: A formidable 3,000 watts surge from this powerhouse, echoing the intensity of electric zeal, keeping you energized at all moments.

2. Versatile Charging Options: Effortlessly harness power from the golden sun rays or plug into the traditional wall outlet, the X1 charges seamlessly, pushing the notion of 'low battery' into oblivion.

3. Supreme Safety Standards: With its exalted safety measures, the X1 stands as a guardian over your undertakings, instilling tranquility for more exuberant ventures.

4. Built for the Brave: At a manageable weight of 38kg and framed for fortitude, it is your reliable source of energy – convenient to transport, stalwart, and prepared to withstand any natural elements.

The PowerInPro X1 transcends the concept of a mere portable charger; it’s a companion for your grand aspirations, igniting the courage within to undertake work, play, and all your heart's pursuits with relentless power. Illuminating paths with each use, it's here to energize your dreams into reality.

System features

I. Powerful Performance: Experience a maximum power output of 3,000 watts, ensuring you can run essential appliances and devices with ease.

II. Long-lasting Energy: Benefit from an impressive 3,072 watt-hours of storage, providing reliable power for extended periods of use.

III. Easy Portability: Designed like an airline suitcase with a trolley bar and wheels, the PowerInPro X1 is an incredibly easy to carry solar power generator Kit, making it your perfect companion for on-the-go power needs.

Design features

1. Wireless Charger

2. All-in-one solar and grid hybrid charger inverter system

3. Battery LCD Screen

4. Inverter ON/OFF Switch

5. All-in-one LiFePO4 battery, energy storage of 3072Wh, smart BMS system built-in

6. Outlets: 2 x 230Vac 15 Amp universal type

7. AC Charging Socket 1x 230Vac 15 Amp

8. USB Faster Charger

9. Battery ON/OFF Switch (Master Switch)

10. Battery Expansion Socket

11. Solar Charging Socket 60-115Vdc <30 Amp

Unleash efficiency with PowerInPro X1, the leading 230V Solar Power Generator Kit. Sustainable, portable power on-the-go!

230V and 120V versions are both available.

Many options are available in USB/wireless Charging, system's standard charging or fast charging solutions, and other accessories.


Envision the PowerInPro X1 not just as a solar power generator Kit but as a bridge to energy independence in multiple scenarios:

  1. Crucial Backup During Emergencies: Guarantees power when the grid fails, making it a cornerstone of home and business emergency kits.
  2. Nature's Companion for Wilderness Retreats: Brings convenience to the wild, offering a sustainable power source for all your camping gadgets and essentials.
  3. Powering Work in Isolation: Delivers consistent energy to remote job sites, facilitating productivity where traditional power is a dream.
  4. The Nomad's Energy Hub: Fuels the freedom of life on the road, providing a green and mobile power solution for RVs and van dwellers.
  5. Augmenting Household Energy: Complements residential power systems, paving the way for a greener household and energy cost savings.
  6. Illuminating Outdoor Celebrations: Acts as the silent power guard for open-air events, supplying electricity without noise or fumes.
  7. Empowering Exploration and Research: Reliable source of power for scientists and explorers in the untamed far reaches of the planet.
  8. Supporting Green Thumbs and Fields: Ideal for powering the tools that keep gardens growing and small-scale farms thriving.
  9. Support in Stricken Areas: Stands as a beacon of hope, offering a lifeline by powering critical equipment in disaster-hit zones.
  10. Champion for Eco-Conscious Lifestyles: Supports the eco-minded in reducing carbon footprints, embracing a clean energy ethos.

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