Li-ion Batteries Price Dropped: Know its impact on Solar Street Lights?

Lithium-ion battery pack

Did you know Lithium-ion or Li-ion Batteries are an integral part of Integrated solar street lights?

In the few recent years, the price of Lithium-ion batteries has considerably dropped thanks to mass production all over the world. Many companies are opting for Li-ion Batteries because of their cost effectiveness and higher energy density.

With so many manufacturers seeking energy storage projects, the price of these batteries is said to be slashed even further down to $100 KiloWatt (kW) per hour.

Integrated Solar Street lights are one of the best solar lights you can have for your parking lot, gardens and for just about anywhere. The most important component of these lights is the lithium-ion batteries that store the energy. This energy, in turn, illuminates the dark areas of your home when required.

It is an ideal choice to use these batteries in Solar Street Lights.

As a matter of fact, our Solar Street Lights All-in-one Solar Street Light LightGoGo 2, All-in-one Solar Street Light LightGoGo 3 and All-in-one Solar Street Light Light GoGo 4 are manufactured using high quality imported Lithium-ion Batteries.

At ANETHIC, we believe in delivering the best and thus choose the best for our eco-friendly All-in-one Go Go Solar Street Lights.

Here are the few reasons that make Lithium-ion Batteries an ideal choice for our All-in-one Go Go Solar Street Lights

Why is Lithium-ion Batteries used in our All-in-one Solar Street Lights?

1. High Energy Density

Lithium-ion Batteries are known for their higher energy density. This means that we can store more hours of energy in the same battery.

2. Voltage is 3X times the voltage of other batteries

These batteries efficiently store more energy and have 3 times more voltage than traditionally used 1.2 Volt batteries.

3. Lower Discharge Rates

Another feature of Lithium-ion batteries that make it an apt choice for our All-in-one Solar Street Light LightGoGo 3 is that it has lower discharge rate.

In simple words, these batteries will retain the charge for a much longer period than any of their counterparts.

4. Greater Life Span

If the above three reasons were not enough, we have one more that’ll convert you towards the Integrated Solar Street lights for your home’s lighting solution.

The Super Lithium-ion Batteries that we use in all our Solar Street Lights can last up to 2920 days which is equivalent to almost 8 years of life span.

FYI, it is one of the longest lifespans for any battery that we know of.

Now that you know why we use Li-ion Batteries in our All-in-one Solar Street Lights, it’s finally time to know how the price slash on these will affect our solar street lights.

How will Li-ion Batteries Price Slash Affect Solar Street Lights?

  • Because of the price drop in Li-ion Batteries now, the manufacturers around the world will produce more batteries pushing the price drop even further.The energy density of li-ion batteries continues to gain momentum and improve greatly. It helps us further by improving the performance of our Solar Street Lights.
  • The energy density of Li-ion batteries continues to gain momentum and improve greatly. It helps us further by improving the performance of our Solar Street Lights.
  • With the battery cost down, more hours of storage can be packed in same battery illuminating your homes for a longer period with same or even lower costs in the future.

Make the Smart Move Now!

Now that you know the essential component, i.e., lithium-ion battery has become cheaper and energy storage cost has reduced as well, don’t wait up!

Illuminate your home with our Super Li-ion battery integrated All-in-one Solar Street Lights now!

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