5 Concentrating Solar Power Technologies Impacting Industry

CSP or the concentrating solar power technology is just a method in which the sun’s energy gets collected in the form of heat and is then stored to produce power as needed by the users.

What this mainly helps it is that on the cloudy days when there is no sun outside, you can get enough electricity just by this CSP technology.

Thus these concentrating solar power technologies impact you industries hugely and change the lives of people. Not just that the environment has a huge positive impact as well.

So let’s take a look at these 5 technologies that impact our industries

Super Powered Power Cycles

Normally to run the turbines smoothly steams is used, but recently it has been changed and now it gets done by passing sCO2.

sCO2 is actually a very dense fluid that needs less power for the engines to run thereby generating a lot more electricity for the same amount of heat that gets produced. This impact s our technologies greatly and can save millions of rupees insufficient power generation.

Salt At Really High Temperatures

What some of the plants are implementing is that the salt is used for collection of the heat and then they are getting stored in our tanks for later usage.

This causes the plates to have more electricity at a much lesser price. However one must always keep in mind not to make the salt reach really high temperature as that usually ends up in the tank getting corroded.

However, there are various systems as well which can mitigate the corrosion and thus the CSP systems are likely to last for a very long time with the help or zirconium and magnesium.

Featured particle

Some researchers are currently testing things called proppants in the solar receivers. These proppants are usually made out of silica and iron oxide, and they are just like a cascade of particles.

They have properties very similar to sand as can reach really high temperatures, as much as 1200 degrees. This research is an ongoing one and will keep on continuing till it can be implemented successfully to save the money of millions of people.


There are solar selective coatings that are applied to the receivers such as the solar panels so that desired wavelengths of the sunlight only get adjusted.

Thus the unwanted radiation is not absorbed by these panels. Better top coats are being developed which can make these receivers a lot more efficient and reduce the light the receivers gets reflected.

A lot of national laboratories like the Argonne are developing these top coats that are going to change the future of the solar receivers shortly.

Water Pressure

CSP is one of the most popular techniques in the southwest region where there is the desert, but one disadvantage is the excessive amount of dust that gets generated.

The mirrors in the CSP plants must always be washed regularly so that they can function without any obstruction.

Transparent electrodynamics screen technology is being worked on that can be activated just by the pulses. The researchers are aiming for better methods to reduce the dust accumulation in the panels in regions like these.

Thus these are the five concentrating solar power technology impacting our industries a lot. Apart from these a lot of benefits has also been found of these CSP technologies, and constant research work is getting done to provide people with the best of solar energy.