Extremely Efficient And Cost-effective 4 Types Of Solar Street Light Systems

The solar lights have gained so much of popularity today. Now, you can see the Solar Street lights on highways, homes, public places etc.

The solar street lights are into use in the areas where there is no availability of electricity. Also, it is into the trend because these saves lots of energy. Hence, helps to save money.

Let me give you the short idea about Solar Light Systems!!  The complete set consists of:

  • Solar Panel
  • Battery
  • LED Light
  • Light Controller
  • Battery Box
  • Light Pole

All the above-written systems are under the control of ON/OFF time switch(built-in with light controller). This switch controls the light system till morning or other settings of a day.

With some new ideas, more types of solar street light systems are available in the market, to know more about them, read this article from head top to end.

Following Are The 4 Types Of Solar Street Light Systems…!

1. Off-Grid Split Type Solar Street Light System

Most Of the solar light projects are coming soon in the area where there is no electricity wiring. Moreover, the installation of these electric wiring is tough and requires lots of manpower and money.

Moreover, Solar light is a better option. In Off-grid Split Type Street Light each pole has an independent unit. It contains the power source (the solar panel), a battery, a Light controller, and a LED light.

In Fact, you can put this unit anyplace (with the exception of an area where there no sunlight, obviously).

2. Grid-Tie Solar Street Light System

(i) Grid-Tie (Single Inverter)

The Grid-Tie ( Single-Inverter) Solar Street Light is the one where a sun-oriented arrangement is set up in a focal area. This gives energy to an arrangement of LED road lights. The transmission lines gives fuel to these lights.

In my opinion, this option is better if you need to have a sunlight based arrangement.


If you need your solar street lights to merge with the other street light system.

(ii) Grid-Tie (Micro Inverter)

The Grid-Tie ( Micro-Inverter) Solar Street Light have individual inverters on each pole for LED solar street light. In this, there is no need of big solar arrangement.

As per our one of our customer’s demand,

It was essential to have the sun oriented part of these pathway lights observable to the people while continuing the connection.

3. Solar & Wind Hybrid Solar Street Light System

This solar street light is a combination of Solar and wind energy. When we combine the both the more production of energy is there. The wind and sunlight both produce the energy at the different time.

The Wind is dominating in winters whereas sunlight is more in summers. For this reason, this solar street light is successful in harsh climatic conditions.

According to the experts when Solar Electric and Wind Electric energies are combined. Hence, always available.

In addition, this technology has many advantages as compared with the other systems.

4. All-In-One Solar Street Light System

The All-in-one solar street light system is manufactured and designed by our expert team. A deep study of updated technology is done. The imported raw material is used to manufacture this.

Actually, this solar street light system has automatic motion sensors with settings of dimmer and Motion Sensor which helps to save energy. That is why it is on the top list.

All in one Solar Street Light System consist of:

  • Solar Panel
  • LED Light
  • Light Controller with Built-in Motion Sensor
  • Lithium Battery

This system is a compact system.

Features And Benefits:

  • LED Street Light System
  • Compatible with all weather conditions
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Saves Energy upto 80%
  • Sleek and Compact design
  • Life expectancy- 10 to 12 years
  • Aluminium body
  • High Power Lithium battery (LiFePO4)
  • Require less management
  • Eco-friendly

In Conclusion

The above discussed 4 Types of Solar Street Light Systems are the best solar systems to illuminate the dark places. These solar street lights are successful and demand very less maintenance.

This solar street light system is absolutely eco-friendly. Fits best to your pocket.

Finally, contact us for more details and installation.

If you want to read more information about our solar street lights split type and all-in-one solar street light please visit our Products page.