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Solar Power System for Gas Station in Betare-Oya of Cameroun

Gas Station running on green energy may seem like a contradiction in terms. However, a Betare-Oya owner has turned to solar power system to keep the lights on at his downtown gas station.

Bocom gas station belonging to Martin was the first solar powered gas station in the State.“I think it’s gonna bring in more business and people will think I’m environmentally friendly,” he said.

Martin hired a local company to install more than 80 solar panels on the canopy just above where customers pump their gas station, the batteries and controlling systems placed in a little room closed to the gas station.

Considering the benefits he has received, Martin said he would like to pay off her investment within four years. “With the incentives available now and the technology has improved, it’s made it possible for people to get solar energy without having such a long payback period,” Martin said.

10KW System Configuration:

Solar Panel
250 W/pc 36.2V solar panel IP6540
500AH 2V AGM battery IP68120
Controller SyestemPure sine wave 10 K W Inverter, 240VDC to 380±15% VAC, LED display, power frequency, efficiency 85%-96%, filter function1
Mounting bracketSolar panel mounting bracket, hot galvanize steel,15°degree, ground installation, front height 300mm,Level 11 wind resistance1
10 Feet Container10 feet container for 10KW solar power system1
AccessoriesCables: 6mm2 PV cable 200m; 25mm2 PV cable 50m; including all the connectors and screws1

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Project Details


July 10th, 2013


10KW Off-Grid


One complete system


BetareOya, Cameroun

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solar powered gas station