Project Description

24W Solar Street Light Works Efficiently In Worse Climatic Conditions

“It’s really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof.Bill Gates

 Solar street lights work by converting the solar energy into electrical energy. Hence, it helps to save your money as well.

We are perfect in making 24W Solar Street Light. We sell solar street lights which are suitable for:

  • Industrial estates
  • Remote streets and
  • Secondary streets in subdivisions

This 24W Solar Street Light is designed in a way it can face the cyclonic winds. Of Course, it is applicable in windy regions.

However, you must be thinking that it is costly and I can prove you wrong.

Let’s have a look at its features and benefits..!

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Why Should You Buy 24W Solar Street light?

Our solar street lights work efficiently and safely. You should buy this “24W Solar Street Light” because:

  • One time investment
  • Do not require any cabling and canaling
  • Need not to pay any electricity bill
  • Cost-friendly
  • Holds the record of good efficiency
  • Ideal for no electricity regions
  • Top Quality
  • Excellent performance

Above all, I’m recommending you personally for this 24W solar street light.

Still thinking? If you trust me, go for it right now!

Solar Street Light 24W Project in Abuja Nigeria

Benefits Of Installing 24W Solar Street Light

Following are the benefits of installing 24W Solar Street Light. After reading these benefits, you are going to buy the solar street light.

I’m pretty sure! Have a look!

  • Easily installable
  • Energy efficient
  • Most reliable
  • No risk of electric shock
  • Works in rainy season also
  • Automatic daylight sensing
  • Backup for rainy and cloudy days

In my opinion, installing the 24W Solar Street Light is a great idea. You need not put any extra efforts.

To serve you our team will reach your place. In addition, we will provide you the best deal along with the best quality.

Solar Street Light 24W Installation in Abuja Nigeria


We can provide you a perfect deal and a perfect setup. Therefore, if you want to install 24W Solar Street Light at your area, let us know. We will be at your place soon.

To know more about our upcoming or past project cases, please visit our Projects page. However, if you want to partner up with us on any new projects, do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Project Details


August 4th, 2016


24W Solar Street Light Split Type


95 System


Abuja, Nigeria