Differences Between All-In-One and Normal Split Type Solar Street Light

These days the solar streets lights are becoming popular. This is because of its efficiency and cost-effective characteristic.

The perfect blend of high-efficiency LED’s and photovoltaic gives a good outcome. These solar street lights are good for the health of environment also. It’s because they’re eco-friendly.

Now, we are using two generations solar street lights. They have different design and efficiency.  Yes, you are right! These are all-in-one solar street light ( new generation) and split type solar street light( Last Generation)

Let me explain you the difference between All-In-One and normal Split type Solar Street lightRead below!

Installing a normal split type solar street light

Engineers are Installing the Pole

Let’s Do A Short Assignment On Differences Between All-in-one And Normal Split Type Solar Street Light

All-In-One Solar Street Light
Normal Split Type Solar Street Light
PriceThis Costs You LessThese are Bit Pricy
InstallationHere the whole process is done in three steps only These are:
- Digging the cage
- Fixing of screws of the light
- To stand the pole
Whereas the installation is a tedious process here:
- Installation is bit costly in case of All-In-One solar street light
- We have to install the lights by making the big pits into the surface for the foundation of the poles
- Then we have to place the LED street lights, solar panels, light controller, fix the kits
- Plus we have to do the wiring also
Maintenance- The maintenance of all-in-one solar street light is very easy
- You just have to take the complete integrated set of light to the factory
If there is any fault in the parts of split-type solar street light then it requires:
- Technical person to look after the matter
- Need to operate all the systems again
- Hence, maintenance cost is more

All-In-One Solar Street Light

All-In-One Solar Street Light

Why Lithium Batteries Used in All-In-One Solar Street Light are more Efficient?

  • The Lithium batteries are 100 % efficient in the case of both charge and discharge
  • These batteries will have a longer life than the other ones
  • Lithium batteries are more efficient and are safe to use as compared to the other ones
  • They come in a compact package and are easy to move
  • Moreover, the Lithium batteries are made with the latest technology. That is why, the lithium batteries are eco-friendly too

Lithium battery VS Gel Battery

Lithium-ion battery pack vs lead acid

In The End

Well, I have explained you the difference between All-In-One and normal Split type Solar Street Light. And you must have learned that All-in-one solar street lights are far better than the Normal Split Type Solar Street Lights. So, before you choose any among these, check the comparisons. Let us know if you want to know more about All-in-One and Normal Split-Type solar street light. We would love to hear from you.