Cool Solar Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

We know that the environment is getting affected day by day and scientists are working hard for lessening environmental degradation. But what’s the way to reduce this degradation? Yes, we have the solution.

Research says that Sustainable Development is one of the ways by which we can save our environment. Day by day new several methods are discovered for sustainable development of the earth. Innovative gadgets and machines are created. This is being done to make our day to day work without causing harm to the environment. This market is huge in our world and is taking over our lives.

Why Solar Energy?

The most preferred energy is the solar energy. It is because solar energy is renewable and can become a source of sustainable development. And since is the most accessible energy, it’s used in most of the Innovations. So here are some of the cool solar inventions you didn’t know existed.

A Solar Spark Lighter

When you’re out in the jungles or been traveling through the wilderness, lighting a fire can be a hard task. You don’t want to apply the traditional and boring ways of lighting a fire. It’s time-consuming and requires more effort. But with the solar spark lighter you can light a fire without any problem. It uses solar energy to work and can be easily fitted into a pocket. You can use it as a lighter and a fire starter. This makes your work easier and also saves your time.

Backpack That Runs On Solar Energy

When you’re hiking in the mountains, you might have trouble carrying a lot of baggage with you. You also might run out of charge, and your mobile’s battery may die. After hiking for a long time, you might feel tired and in need of refreshments. Don’t worry! The solar-powered backpack is the solution. The backpack has a built-in charger. Charging your devices will not be tedious anymore. The bag has a lot of compartments so you can have a lot of space for keeping important things. You also don’t need to worry anymore about charging your device. You can also hear some music if you like.


You can’t get anything cooler than a refrigerator that works on solar energy. You can use it for refrigerating almost anything! It can be a lot useful when it comes to saving electricity and power. It can also be a blessing for a diabetic patient. This is because the insulin that is taken by the patient can be kept cool in the refrigerator. A refrigerator consumes a lot of electricity, and this device helps in eliminating that factor. Now you don’t have to worry about hefty electricity bills. Not only does it save electricity, but it also safeguards a part of the ecosystem.

Solar Showers

When it’s the time of winter, bathing can be a difficult job. Nobody likes to bath with the cold water. It only makes the experience bad and scary. That’s when you use hot water, and it is done with the use of electric water heaters. But when you’re outdoors heating water can be a tough job. Also, you don’t want to carry batteries and a generator with you. That’s the time when solar showers come in handy. You don’t need to worry about getting hot water for a nice bath even when you’re outdoors. So now all you need for a quick and easy bath is sunlight, not electricity. It saves up a lot of electricity and reduces our effort. How? Because you don’t need to carry big generators with you now.

So these were some of the gadgets which work on solar energy. These are a lifesaver when you’re in an emergency. Make sure you go through the article to have an idea about what you’re going to need when outdoors.

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