About Us

Who we are & why choose us

With our eight years of experience in the lighting industry, we have employed some of the most knowledgeable and experienced engineers. This assures that we deliver the best lighting solutions on budget and on time.

We guarantee that customers can rely on the quality and reliability of our products. We regularly conduct stringent tests on all of the products in our EMC Testing Production Line and Thermal Facility before we allow any of them to leave our factory.

Our team, our processes and our partnership with various brand components suppliers, including Philips, Meanwell and CREE, makes it possible for us to deliver high-value lighting products and offer competitive pricing.

All of ANETHIC’s lighting products have a full warranty against all material defects for five years. If you do encounter any problem, do not hesitate to mail it back to us, so we can replace or repair it for free in a short amount of time.


Core Team

Highly qualified specialists

The ANETHIC family has a long tradition of excellence, hard work and can-do attitude every time we offer our services in intelligent lighting systems, and solar and LED lighting products. Our capacity to deliver outstanding results to clients is strongly backed by our team of smart and capable lighting experts