About Us

Who we are & why choose us

With our ten years of experience in the lighting industry, we have employed some of the most knowledgeable and experienced engineers. This assures that we deliver the best lighting solutions on budget and on time.

We guarantee that customers can rely on the quality and reliability of our products. We regularly conduct stringent tests on all of the products in our EMC Testing Production Line and Thermal Facility before we allow any of them to leave our factory.

Our team, our processes and our partnership with various brand components suppliers, including Philips, Meanwell and CREE, makes it possible for us to deliver high-value lighting products and offer competitive pricing.

All of ANETHIC’s lighting products have a full warranty against all material defects for five years. If you do encounter any problem, do not hesitate to mail it back to us, so we can replace or repair it for free in a short amount of time.


Core Team

Highly qualified specialists

The ANETHIC family has a long tradition of excellence, hard work and can-do attitude every time we offer our services in intelligent lighting systems, and solar and LED lighting products. Our capacity to deliver outstanding results to clients is strongly backed by our team of smart and capable lighting experts

Tao De Hong
Tao De HongVP Product & Intelligent System Engineer & Partner
Tao De Hong has over a decade of experience in the development team of “Intelligent Network” and “Internet of Things”. He assures that ANETHIC does not only provide high-quality LED lighting products and solar lighting systems but also customizes smart lighting controlling systems.
Johnny Yin
Johnny YinVP Operations & Partner
Johnny Yin is the Partner and VP Operations of ANETHIC. He has seven years of experience in the LED lighting business and is quite good at DIALux indoor & outdoor project simulation, as well as, solar lighting system design and website design. He cares a lot about quality, which is why you can expect great quality of products and service in ANETHIC.
Jin Song Shan
Jin Song ShanProduct Manager & Lamp Structure Engineer & Partner
Jin Song Shan has more than 30 years of experience in lens design and lamp structure. They designed the LED high-bay light for high-ceilings, especially for heavy industrial setting applications. They guarantee that they always prioritize the quality of each of their lamps and lights.
Chain Li
Chain LiMarketing Director & Partner
Chain Li is the Marketing Director of Chinese Market, he is responsible for the cooperations with Trading companies from Chinese Mainland, HongKong & Taiwan, He is skillful in marketing and has many years of sales experiences in Chinese local market. The Shenzhen Subway Line 11, Qingdao Sea Port’s Higbay Lighting applications are his effort and success stories.
Evert Jonker
Evert JonkerVP Strategy & Partner & Electronic Engineer
Evert Jonker is the Partner of ANETHIC. He is also the founder of UC-Designs in South Africa, which is an engineering and car-navigation system supplier. His passion, support, and investment for the LED lighting and solar lighting industry are reasons why ANETHIC is persistently developing.
Yin Xiao Wen
Yin Xiao WenQA Manager & Partner
Yin Xiao Wen brings plenty of quality assurance experience to ANETHIC. He previously worked with MeanWell for five years as a QA manager, alongside developers who constantly improve their remarkable products. They flush out existing glitches and ensure that they integrate new functionality into existing systems.

Client Feedback

We will make you a happy customer

“As promised, these all-in-one solar lights are very easy to install and it worked quite well. Despite the cloudy days, it still operated for 12 hours. In fact, the solar panels only received around five hours of sunlight exposure every day. I also admired their IP65 waterproof rating lights and will most likely order more for my next few projects.”

Thomas Igemon • South Africa

“These lights are much brighter than I imagined! They are ideal for parking lots and roadways, uses green energy compared to grid-power and we got to save more cash. Its smart dimming solution is very intelligent and it definitely met my expectations. More projects are coming and I am looking forward to buying more from ANETHIC!”

Jose Carlos • Spain

Trusted Partners

Work with trustworthy brands, create super quality

Professional industrial electronics supply chain management is extremely important in a complicated global manufacturing and business environment. Since ANETHIC is a customer-oriented partner in the lighting industry, we want to make sure that we provide the best service and deliver high-quality products to our customers